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or else!

As we hoped, the price of diesel in Missouri was $.42 lower than it was in Illinois. At home we are told that the high gas taxes pay for good roads. But in the three years we have been making this drive, Missouri has improved I-44 dramatically without high gas prices. A previously bone rattling journey had us humming along today. What is their secret?

We have driven into gray skies and drizzle, but cannot complain when the temperature is 50ยบ. However, it is still a bit cool for our lunch time picnics. We pulled off to eat at a healthy Subway sandwich. In the same restaurant building a diner was serving a herd of truckers. I have always heard that truckers eat at the best places, but have found that they seem to favor chicken fried steaks and other artery clogging delights. The diner boasted local BBQ and it was great. In popular tourist spots we struggle to find lunch for less than $20. Here we spent $11. The truckers were all on their best behavior. Perhaps the posted sign had something to do with it.

Otherwise my comments about this stretch for the road pretty much match what I wrote almost exactly a year ago on January 5, 2006. Join me for a jog down memory lane!

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