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Setting sun in Salou - view from restauarant

Fishermen taking over the beach - south of Barcelona

The wine bottles dont have time to get that dusty in my...



Parc Guell, Barcelona - designed by Gaudi

Barcelona from Parc Geull, note the Spanish 'gherkin'!!

Parc Guell

View from Els Angels (360 deg visibility)

Pubol village

Dali's Cadillac, he took his wife for her last drive after she...

Gala's (Dali's wife) tomb

Sculpture in garden of Pubol Castle

Fountain in Pubol castle (heads are the composer Wagner)

Pubol castle - Dali's fairytale gift to Gala

Waterfall in town Valencia province

Natural water supply Valencia province

Castle Valencia province

... and it didnt start too well. When I left the site in Alcossebre, I had gone to my uncle and aunt's house to use their iron as mine seemd to have packed up the last time I used it. Well their fuses blew three times while I was ironing and yes it was the iron doing it. My uncle tested ny iron (bit of a whizz with electrics) and told me there was nothing wrong with it - I must be jinxed. I left there and decided to pull off the road briefly to put some stuff away, this headland was covered in tyre tracks and I had seem lots of cars and motorhomes on it the day before - but I got stuck in the sand. As I was so close to their house, I called my uncle to see if they knew someone. Well of couse it was siesta time (is it ever NOT siesta time when I want to get something done) so the garage was shut, but a lovely guy called Xavier, who is really a handyman agreed to come out. Well I had tried all sorts to get Ducky free but yes it did need a tow and it wasnt easy but we succeeded. So there is a nice man in Alcossebre, Xavier my saviour, and I owe him dinner next time I go there.

After that debacle, I had to decide whether to stick with my original sightseeing plans or abandon them, and I opted for the sightseeing! I found the road my aunt had suggested and rove through some really wonderful countryside, orange and almod trees, pretty villaged, ending at the town of Morella, that was almost uneal looking, such a sharp high hill with a great castle built on top. After that it was down to a long drive to my next campsite, and though the early part of the drive was pretty, it soom got tedious and was getting dark. As usual when in these circumstances, jane let me down badly on finding the next campsite, it was also only patchily signposted in the town and I spent an hour just finding it. It was huge and included some Eurocamp mobile homes and 2 swimming pools. I stayed there for two nights and on one of them walked from the site into salou. Parts of the town were ugly, real 70s holiday home stuff but at the far end of the bay, I found a restaurant run by Spaniards and sat there watching the sun set over the sea, downing some alcohol and then some dinner - perfect evening. When I wandered into town after dinner, the effect was spoiled a bit by the NASTY NASTY truly tacky tourist market.

On Saturday and drove up to Barcelona and parked Ducky up on a beachside campsite near the airport. I went on the beach, but was forced back indoors because it was too damn hot - really!! I had expected the chances of my wearing abikini to be just about gone now but it is still wonderful most days, though cooler at night. I was in Barcelona to meet up with Jon, which I did and we stayed in a hotel on Ramblas. Buy whenever Jon comes to Spain there seems to be problems! His flight was delayed both times, and where when he came to Almeria we struggled with a closed road to get to the campsite, in Barcelona our road was blocked by a protest march. We had to get out of the cab and walk the last bit of our journey, trying to avoid the marchers as we went. They are a radical lot here in Catalonia (the province I am now in). Most signs are written in Catalan instead of Spanish and it is so different that I understand little!! Anyway we had a lovely 24 hours during which I both slept in a real bed and had a bath (ooh they were lovely) before Jon to catch a train off to join his salsa holiday and I went back to Ducky - and it was noisy on that campsite as Barcelona is a proper international airport and the planes were flying until late and then early again next day.

Another day, another campsite and I moved on to Sitges. This is the 'gay capital' of Spain, but it is also (or maybe because of that) the most chic, cool, classy place I have visited. It is just beautiful ,lovely villas fac the beach, each one different to the rest and mostly built some time ago. Behind the beach facing houses were rows and rows of quiet tree lined streets, full of equally lovely houses. Of course, further along, you got to the ordinary stuff, but the shops were lovely, the old quarter really characterful and the beached big and golden. After a lovely walk round last night, I took a cab back and then went there again this morning, for a daytime nose and a sunbathe.

Now I am camped in Blanes, further north again and will spend the next few days seeing the most northerly part of the southern coast, and some cities inland

So family - I will soon be heading home to collect my hugs xxxx

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