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Salt Lake Temple

Joseph and Emma Smith

Joseph Smith with Book of Mormon

Gardens at Temple Square

Spring flowers and tree at Temple Square

Tulips blown over by wind


More flowers

Even more flowers

Dome of Utah state capital building

Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake

Antelope on the island

Rider and (large) Arabian on Antelope Is.

BYU Cougar and sign

BYU Cougar and sign, we just missed the spring game

BYU BLUE track

A small matter of hot water tank malfunction had us in Salt Lake City for a few days (cold showers in this climate are no fun) so we enjoyed a few day trips to some of the sites. Bill wanted to see the BYU campus but unfortunately we missed a scrimmage by a matter of hours. We drove over the bridge to Antelope Island in the Great Salt Lake, the largest natural lake west of the Mississippi. It is very wild and desolate-looking but quite pretty. In the summer it is very busy with campers, bikers, hikers, boaters and wildlife-viewers.

Of course, Mormons are the big factor in Salt Lake City and Temple Square is remarkable, if for no other reason the flowers the Mormon volunteers plant and maintain. We didn't take any pictures for some reason of the Tabernacle and the famous organ but Temple Square is a very impressive complex. While having breakfast one morning we met a group of young people from the Southwest Utah State chorus. They had just finished rehearsing for their spring concert. When we told them we could not attend the concert they decided to entertain us with a sampling of their program. Amazing singers! Best breakfast we've had yet!

The city is beautiful and sits on the base of a mountain range. You can see the range in the BYU pictures.

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