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9-11 August 2006

Days 22-24

Anchorage, AK

Anchorage was a bit of a disappointment - don't know what we expected, but it's just like any other city in the lower 48. Well, maybe not, but it seemed like it. The two best things we did there were: visit the Alaska Native Heritage Center and make our first visit to a Costco. The Alaska Native Heritage Center was really quite interesting - there were examples of the ways many of the individual native groups lived, and each section was spoken about by a person from that particular native culture. There were also live demonstrations of dancing, singing, craft work, and galleries of art work. As for Costco - it was great. There was a store right across the street from our RV park, so we were able to stock up on a number of things at better prices than out in the bush. Speaking of the bush, many of the people there were buying huge quantities of food and other items - taking them out to pick-ups and trailers to haul home. Some people must really live way out there, and make intermittent trips into the city.

Other things we did while we were in Anchorage were: visit the Ulu Factory - a store that sells Ulus (a native Alaskan type of knife used for all sorts of things); have a group outing for dinner and a show (most of us could skip these shows by now); and do some other shopping. I particularly wanted to check out a yarn store to see about getting some Quiviuk (Musk Ox) yarn, but when I found out it was $150 a skein, I decided it was way out of my price range. However, it was the softest wool I've ever felt - and apparently extremely warm. There is a Native coop of women who knit products of this yarn (I can imagine the price of the garments!). So - no Quiviuk sweaters for us!!

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