Helen and Paul World Tour 2005/06 travel blog

Lake Nelson - St.Arnaud

View from our tent Murchison

Murchison campsite

Got off the ferry at 12.15pm and drove to St.Arnauds in the hope that we could get some afternoon lunch there. Unfortunately there was nothing there apart from Lake Nelson so we pulled up and the lake shore and had a well-earned nap in the car!

Drove onto the small riverside town of Murchison to camp for night and Paul managed to get flashed by a copper for speeding - luckily he didn't turn around and come back to give him a ticket.

Booked in at the Riverview campsite and managed to get a spot with our tent right next to the river.

Paul managed to take the car off a curb edge when we went shopping and might have cracked the rear bumper in the process but we think it might have already being there - we hope!

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