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Another butterfly from Iguacu

Some time today we passed through Tucaman. I put this in mainly to illustrate on the map the long way round the Andes I went just because I didn't want to wait until Friday to get a bus to Salta. The price one pays for impatience. I did wonder whether that was the right decision, having spent three nights and most of three days in a row on buses. Note that we didn't go through Paraguay either, but round the bottom edge of it. An interesting journey, not least as it was a new record for me - 36 hours on one journey - but also because my seat was double booked with about eight different people along that route. Luckily there was enough room for us all. I admit by the end of these three days almost completely on buses except for a few hours in Mendoza, I did feel thoroughly institutionalised. Mind you, you have to take into account I did used to live on a bus...seriously, I did. Also I haven't had a room to myself for a week, or had much to do with soap either. The privations endured in the name of adventure....

Some of the journey was interesting, but most of it was just plain dull as we drove through hundreds of miles of prairie, broken up by small dusty towns selling tractors and pick up trucks. There was even a family on the bus who could have been Amish. Good game of bingo though on the bus (told you I was institutionalised).

The picture is from Iguacu, a typical jungle butterfly, i.e. colourful.

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