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The wind blew hard nearly all night on Saturday. The result was that we didn’t sleep all that well but the early morning coffee helped a lot.

We were ready to leave at 8:00 on Sunday morning and stopped to pay the folks in the office for our seven night stay at Buckhorn Lake Resort in Kerrville.

We pulled out of the resort at 8:20 and enjoyed the drive through Fredericksburg, Mason, and on up to Coleman where we stopped long enough to fuel the truck and take a bathroom break at a nice place called “Allsup’s”.

One little detour for construction delayed us by about 15 minutes but we arrived at the Fort Griffin State Historical Park Campground right at 1:00 PM.

Marilyn & I unhooked the car and drove it around the campground to locate a site we liked. We selected a site large enough for the RV, truck and car but had to back into the site which was on the passenger side of the road. That always takes extra time because you have to back in blind. Any view in the mirror on the passenger side is blocked by the RV itself.

By 2:00 PM we were all set up and then drove to the office located at the site of the old fort. We gathered a great deal of history from the lady behind the desk who grew up a short distance away from here. Names like Doc Holiday, the Earp brothers, Pat Garrett, Big Nose Kate, John Selman, and others who lived or spent time here pique my interest to learn more about the history of this place so tomorrow we will go exploring.

Marilyn fixed a nice but simple dinner and we spent our time reading. I read from the book I wrote about the Fry family history and several times caught myself with tears running down my cheeks. It will be so nice to get back with family in a week or so. Life is Good!

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