Crossing the border into Slovenia..


Driving through Sezana..


Loved the welcome sign..:-)

Entrance to the farm...

It is a beautiful farm...


The horses in the field..

We had lunch in the "cave" restaurant.. :-)

It was really cool..

We had huge bowls of pasta, delicious!


Last one!

We visited another beautiful town in Slovenia today. We are only a few miles from the Slovenian border. We took the bus to Sezana, Slovenia and then we had to take a taxi a few miles more to reach Lipica, Slovenia. We wanted to see the famous Lipizzan horse farm. We had hoped to see one of the shows, but they only had tours of the stable today. We walked around the beautiful grounds and just enjoyed seeing some of the awesome horses. It was also a bird watching paradise, I wished I had taken my binoculars with me.

Lipica (pronounced [ˈliːpitsa]; Italian: Lipizza) is a village in the Municipality of Sežana in the Littoral region of Slovenia, close to the border with Italy. Lipica is one of the main tourist centers of Slovenia's Karst region and it is known for the Lipica Stud Farm, the origin of the Lipizzan horse. The name of the settlement is derived from the Slovenian word lipa 'linden tree'. The species is common in the area and is a national symbol of Slovenia. The staff at the Lipica Stud Farm plant a new linden tree for every foal born. Another interesting fact we learned, the horses are not white while young, it takes years for them to acquire the beautiful white coat.

After viewing the farm we had lunch in a nearby hotel. The restaurant was decorated like a cave on the inside, most unusual. My pictures did not turn our great, but, you can get an idea from them. They only had one dish available for lunch, we had ham and tomato appetizers followed by a huge plate of pasta with beef, the cost was only 7 Euros each. It was enough for four meals again. This was a very fancy restaurant and the price would have been much more in other countries. We are finding Slovenia to be very reasonably priced on everything. We had a wonderful day and hope you enjoy the pictures. Check back later for more explorations in Italy and Slovenia.

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