Trieste Grand Canal..




We enjoyed shopping at the market..


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We are really enjoying our time in the beautiful city of Trieste. Today we visited the Trieste Grand Canal. Yes, just like Venice, Trieste has it’s own canal. The Trieste Canal Grand is a navigable canal situated in the city center, midway between the railway station and Piazza Unità d'Italia.

The Canal is the prized jewel in the center of Trieste and is lined with beautiful buildings and outdoor cafes which lead up to the amazing sight of Saint Antonio Church, the largest in Trieste. If in Trieste, you are sure to end up here and it is a great spot to stop for a coffee.

The canal was built in the 18th century so that larger ships could come into Trieste and unload their cargo. Today, only smaller boats line the canal walls and the canal is a beautiful place to wander at night when the streetlights glisten and reflect on the water.

At first the canal was longer than it is today: it lapped St. Anthony's Church until its end part was filled in in 1934 using the ruins of the old city, thus creating Piazza Sant'Antonio.

I read that during the filling in a small torpedo boat, abandoned there since the end of the First World War, was buried as well. We enjoyed shopping in the square which stages a small outdoor market selling fruit, vegetables and flowers. I hope you enjoy the pictures. Check back later for more from Trieste.

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