We took the ferry to Muggia today...

Arriving in Muggia..





It is a very cool town, like a mini Venice..


A table with a great view..




Heading back to the boat..

Last one, almost back in Trieste..

We took a cool ferry boat ride over to Muggia, Italy today. The cost for both of us round trip was only 15.80 Euros. We are finding the cost of living in Italy to be very reasonable. Groceries are way lower than the prices in the US. We will miss this incredible area when we move on to Germany. Muggia is a small Italian town in the extreme south-east of Trieste lying on the border with Slovenia. Technically, Muggia is the last and only piece of Istria still in Italian territory, after the dissolution of the Free Territory of Trieste in 1954.

We were amazed at the beauty of the town. It is surrounded by water, it reminded us of Venice with all the water and boats. We were also surprised to see a beautiful old castle. We didn’t walk all the steps to the top. We walked a around the town and stopped at another outside café for coffee and people watching. The beautiful views from the ride over were amazing. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story. It was another awesome day in Italy, check back later for more.

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