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House & Barn on MT 2 Near Willow Creek

Missouri Headwaters State Park

Missouri Headwaters State Park - View from Top of Hill

Missouri Headwaters State Park - View from Top of Hill

After church today I moved my rig to a different campsite because of electrical troubles at the first site. The owner told me that it needed a new breaker but that it would be mid week before he could get one from Billings. The previous occupants of the site had reported the problem but the owner forgot to tell the office staff not to put anyone into that site. I haven’t had any trouble since moving.

After this little activity, Barb and I drove around in the country for a while and then visited the Headwaters Heritage Museum in Three Forks. Photography is not allowed in the museum. We had a nice conversation with Richard, a volunteer there. He is a nurse and has spent some time in the Middle East while employed with Aramco.

From there we went to the Missouri Headwaters State Park, which is about six miles from town. It is very pretty. We drove around and took a few photographs.

When we got back to town, we had a sandwich at the Wheat Montana Bakery and Deli. They grow and process their own grain. A little sign in the deli says, “We sow it, grow it and dough it.”

Yeah! Yeah! Finally my T-Mobile account balance has been corrected! The odd thing about it is that, instead of showing the 363-minute balance I had at the time I lost my phone, it shows 361 minutes with an expiration date of 10/08/2011 instead of 10/08/2009. Maybe they extended the time as a ‘peace offering’ to me. :>) Anyway, I hope this is the end of this saga.

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