Trekking with Daisy 2009-10 travel blog

'Explorers at the Portage' by Robert M Scriver

'Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Event 2005' by Jay Laber

Oddfellows Park

Oddfellows Park - View of 10th Street Bridge

Oddfellows Park - Squirrel

Black Eagles Fall & Dam

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center - Neuídia Home

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center - Neuídia Home

Lewis & Clark Interpretive Center - Boat

Ryan Dam

Ryan Dam - Bridge to Ryan Island

Ryan Dam - Ryan Island

Ryan Dam - Ryan Island - Electric Stove Kitchen

Ryan Dam - Ryan Island - Electric Stove Kitchen

Ryan Dam - Ryan Island - Group Pavilion

Ryan Dam - Missouri River Below Dam

Today it was cloudy and gray nearly all day and it sprinkled off and on. However, we got out at several stops to take photographs. We were disappointed that we didn’t have pretty blue skies but photos with gray skies are better than no photos at all. At least we have something to remind us of our visit. (

This morning we went first to the Visitor Information Center atop the Broadwater Overlook. The women were very helpful. There is a fine monument honoring the Lewis and Clark team of explorers ('Explorers at the Portage' by Robert M Scriver). I also enjoyed seeing 'Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Event 2005' by Jay Laber at the front of the Information Center. I just wish the light had been right for better photos.

From here we took the river road to visit some of the falls. We stopped first at the Black Eagle Falls and Dam Overlook. It is the westernmost falls on the Missouri River. The Great Falls Water Power and Townsite Company constructed the first Black Eagle dam in 1890-92. The Boston and Montana Company built a smelter and power plant to process ores from its Butte mining operations.

Next was the excellent Lewis and Clark Interpretive Center at the Giant Springs. The Center is very well laid out. It features the history and culture of Plains and Northwest Indians. The national headquarters of the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation and its library of research materials on the expedition are housed here as well. I enjoyed a discussion and slides by a summer ranger about all six types of water craft that Lewis and Clark used on their trip. He had examples of a bull boat and another boat built especially to transport supplies and even horses across the river.

Our last stop was at The Ryan Dam at the Great Falls. The dam was constructed in 1915. It is 61 feet high and 1366 feet long. Its six powerhouse turbines generate 60 megawatts of power. It raised the water level so that the falls are now only 152 feet high. There is a small island in the river, which is reached by a suspension bridge. On the island there are picnic tables, a large covered group pavilion, restroom facilities and a small building with electric cook tops and sinks, which was built to demonstrate the ‘new’ method of cooking with electricity.

We then returned to town to run a few errands. When I tried to use my new VISA card, it was rejected. Luckily I have a MasterCard that I could use. When I got home I checked my VISA account and all transactions listed were valid. I also checked my MasterCard account. I don't know what's going on.

I needed some new medicine for my back pain. I called my doctor at the Pain Management Clinic in Sherman to request a different prescription because the sample of Lyrica Cv (pregabalin) he had given me did not ease the pain; it just made me sleepy and dizzy. I was told that I had to go in to see the doctor in order to get a different prescription. Of course that is impossible since I’m in Montana.

Then I called my primary care physician in Denison to request a new prescription. The Meloxicam he had prescribed did nothing for my back pain. They told me that they could not call in a new prescription for pain drugs across state lines! Instead, they called in a prescription for Methylprednisolone, which is for inflammation. They suggested that I go to a local urgent care center to get a new prescription for pain medication. I guess that’s what I’ll do if the Methylprednisolone doesn’t help.

By this time the sun was occasionally peeping from behind the clouds. The prediction is for more rain tonight.

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