Awesome views on our drive to Croatia today..



We had a great lunch in Slovenia...

A wowser platter for two was enough for at least four...:-)

Arriving in awesome Piran..

Jerry and Jerry..

A cool market in Piran...


Jerry having fun..:-)

We walked all through the town...



We finally made it to the sea walk..



Our next stop was a quick drive into Croatia, a new country...

Last one!

We had another outstanding day with our son. We drove down the Slovenian coast stopping for pictures along the way. We stopped for a true Slovenian feast for lunch, they served chicken and pork schnitzel (German pronunciation: a boneless meat, thinned with a meat tenderizer, coated with flour, beaten eggs and bread crumbs, and then fried. A popular food in many countries, it is usually made from veal, mutton, chicken, beef, turkey, or pork. It is very similar to the French dish escalope. It also came with fries, potato salad, broccoli and carrots plus home made bread. :-) We walked a LOT after this meal. The view from the table was awesome.

Our next stop was the town of Parin. I have other updates on this one too if you want to know more. We enjoyed walking through the narrow streets to the seaside promenade. You can’t drive your car into this town, we had to park quite a distance from the town and take the shuttle to the city center. It is another incredibly beautiful town in Slovenia, this country is definitely blessed with beauty.

After spending time in Piran we decided to drive a few miles to the Croatian border. We only drove a short way into the country, It was a new one for our son. We drove back to Trieste and were very happy to find a parking spot for the car right outside the apartment. Jerry will be going to the airport early in the morning and flying to Rome. We had a wonderful visit with him and will miss him much. We will also be packing to leave Trieste on Tuesday. We will take a train to a town near Venice and spend one night before flying to Frankfurt, Germany. We will be staying in a small German village near the Rhine River for the next month. We are looking forward to exploring the castles in the area, check back later for more.

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