We loved the San Marco Cafe In Trieste...







My delicious shrimp..

Jerry's Gnocchi & Beef..

The library is located at the end of this hall..


We loved to sit and people watch in this area..:-)



Beautiful tulips from my hubby...:-)


The apartment had the perfect window for them...

Loved the huge windows, we had four in the apartment..

Last one, Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother’s Day and Happy Birthday Jerry & Jared! This will be our last update from Trieste. We will be taking the train to Treviso, Italy in the morning, then we take a flight to Frankfurt the next morning. We will be in Germany for the next two months. We have really enjoyed our time in Trieste. There is a lot to see and do in this huge city. We saw a lot but we still have things to do for the next return visit.

I am adding a few pictures that didn’t make the other updates. I am not sure how great the Wi-Fi will be in the next two stops, will update the site as soon as I have good Wi-Fi. Also adding a picture of my Mother’s day tulips from my sweet hubby. Jerry Junior gave me one of the BEST Mother’s Day gifts you can give, he came to see me this week, plus, because we only have a few channels that speak English in Europe, he copied over 100 movies on a special disk for me. It is awesome!

I am also adding pictures of the famous San Marco Café in Trieste. We enjoyed our dinner there as well as coffee a couple of times. Here is a paste of info about it: Caffè San Marco is a historic café in Trieste, Italy. It is located in via Battisti 18. Founded in 1914,[1] it became famous as a rendezvous for intellectuals and writers including Italo Svevo,James Joyce and Umberto Saba, a tradition that continues to date with Claudio Magris. A meeting point for Trieste's irredentists, the café was destroyed by Austro-Hungarian troops during the first World War but was reopened when hostilities ended.

The interiors reflect the Vienna Secession style popular when the café was founded. Part of the frescos are attributed to Vito Timmel.

The café is owned by Italy's largest insurance company (also based in Trieste), Assicurazioni Generali.

Italians campaigned to save the historic cafe in 2013 and it has now been restored, incorporating a bookshop.[2]

Check back later for more from Italy and Germany.

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