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My Iraqi and Palestinean Travelling Companions to Amman

Friday, August 19. Amman, Jordan. I caught a 7:30 am bus to Damascus. From Damascus, I caught a service taxi to Amman. Service taxis are taxis that go to certain destinations for a set price. To Amman, it was 600 SP ($12). In addition to me and the Jordanian driver, there were two Iraqi men and a Palestinean woman. When they learned I was an American, they in a good naturedly way said "Boo America!" All were extremely friendly and helpful, particularly as we cleared immigration in Syria and Jordan. The Jordan immigration office was the most chaotic entry point I have ever been to. There were lines for Syrians, Jordanian, and Arabs. There was one line for foreigners. For some reason, about 50 Saudis and Kuwaitis were also lined up in the "Foreigner" line. All were pushing, shoving, and yelling at the single immigration officer. It took close to an hour for me to get through this line.

Amman is gray. The buildings are all box shaped with no color. It's a large city situated on several hills, making it difficult to get around on foot. There aren't many tourist attractions within Amman, so I spent my time resting and planning my next destination.

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