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Today was the day I was finally going to see my sister for our annual visit in South Carolina. She was at home having taken the day off to see us, when she got a call from work. She works in a medical facility and was notified that one of her co-workers had been diagnosed with the Corvid-19 virus. Due to privacy issues she was not given the person's name, but when you work in a small setting it's easy to remember which person was recently coughing and sneezing. I guess when you work in such a setting, it was inevitable no matter how careful you are. In about two weeks we will be in her vicinity getting the motor home serviced. Hopefully, by then she will know that she is healthy and she will have to worry about whether she wants to encounter us.

She phoned to give us this troubling news as we were sitting on the banks of the Indian River, because we are no longer go allowed to go to the beach. We were there waiting for the first rocket launch of the newly created Space Force. There was a two hour window for the launch and they almost didn't make it. A switch gave an error reading and they couldn't figure out why. Finally, they turned it off and on again, a trick every computer user knows, and everything was fine. Now we ll be able to spy on our neighbors even more effectively.

The launch looks to be the high point of our week. I have been amusing myself by "attending" exercise and Zumba classes normally conducted at our resort, but currently broadcast over our local TV network. My Zumba space is inadequate. I'm OK going side to side, but my heels are black and blue from running into the couch. Bike rides are still on our daily agenda. Books are getting read; the motor home is gleaming. We ordered carry-out from our on-site restaurant which is hanging on by a thread. We wanted to show our support, but overall it was a depressing experience.

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