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The all night and morning rain broke for a short time and...

Same spot on the river as last night looking at the incredible...

This is a great story about the pioneer white water rafting guide...

I must admit you would have to be a bit of a...

I just love it when i know we made the right decision!! As soon as the thunder started rumbling last night, it was sweet to listen to it from the dryness of 4 solid walls! If it had not been for the thunder, we may not have even been aware of the rain! Quite a change from the night before!

The rain finally let up about 10:00am and we could venture out to find some food! One can build up quite the appetite staying warm and dry! Love this little town! Pretty quiet on the streets but things are gearing up for a big weekend, The annual Water Blowout with fun stuff on the river, music and all the reveling that goes with festivals! Quite a bit of activity going on even tho we can't see it as we have been told it is the time of year new river guides train as well as river floats have already started! We are what I would guess is the north entrance to Hells Canyon Recreation Area. I wouldn't want to be on the Snake River right now (or maybe ever!)! But good luck to those that love it! It certainly is an adventure wonderland! Our friendly and informative waitress at the River Rock cafe also let us know that once you are over this row of mountains we see out our door and along the river, these are immediately dwarfed by the mountains behind them! We can see the trails zig zagging up the sides for the hunters; bear, cougar, elk, deer . . .all have a season here! Then the Salmon have a season, having made the long journey back from the Pacific Ocean over 5 dams to come to The Salmon River to spawn. There are very few dull months in Riggins!

We enjoyed yesterday walking the short distance from end to end of town. It sounds funny that we stop in for a drink every where! Its not about the drink, its about the people we find there! Always someone ready to share so much information and always so informative! Maybe that is just where we find people who have the time to share all their knowledge! Yesterday our local historian even got off his bar stool to take us outside and point the direction we would find the locations of the placques placed all along the town to share the history. He was very proud of his history here. So fun!

We are enjoying today just kicking back, catching up on stuff, looking ahead at our route and making plans. Rain comes and goes, that makes me enjoy and appreciate the day even more because it would be pretty miserable on the road. Temps are only in the high 50's with rain. Yuck.

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