Rich and Cindy Ackman Alaska Trip 2018 travel blog

Ucluelet Harbor

Long Beach

Cathedral Grove 1

Cathedral Grove 2

The root base of a fallen giant

Three trees groowing right out of an old stump

Three more giants

Cave tree

The largest Douglas Fur in the grove

Beautiful canope

Driving by the grove

The local swimmin hole

We left Fanny Bay and drove through the heart of the island on our way to Ucluelet and Tofino. The drive took us through more old growth forest that was amazing. We stopped for a stroll in the woods at Cathedral Grove which is a forest preserve that you have to see if you are ever here. The area is made up of primarily Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar. The trees are amazing. They are so tall that you can’t even get a picture of them. Very interesting that the Indians could conserve these valuable trees for over 10,000 years and we have managed to Cut down 98% of them in less than 100 years.

Very interesting that the Douglas Fir trees, when they die, become ideal planning beds for the next generation of forest. I took pictures of several that have new trees growing right out of the old stumps. Western Hemlock will over thousands of years, replace the Douglas Fur in their natural lifecycle. Many of the trees in this grove are over 15’ at the base and over 300’ tall. Nature is amazing.

We then set out across another mountain range to the south shore of the island. It’s about 15 degrees colder here and there is a beautiful fog that rolls in off the Pacific. Today we visited Long Beach, Tofino, and Pacific Rim National Park. Nice places but different by our terms. These are seaside communities very much like what we have in Florida, but the temperatures are in the 50s and low 60s.

We just learned that our decision to go to Vancouver Island was a good one. The central regions of British Columbia are fighting 100s of forest fires. Many towns have been evacuated and we probably could not have even traveled our route. Prince George, which we would have been going through has smoke so thick that the street lights are on during the day.

After a nice couple of days on th south shore, we moved back across the island to Duncan. We will go to Victoria tomorrow .

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