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This morning a couple of volunteers helped me get some gasoline to top off Daisy’s fuel tank. One of them borrowed two 5-gallon containers from CARE and took me to a nearby station to buy the fuel. The other guy poured the gasoline into the fuel tank.

This turned out to be much more complicated than either of us would have imagined. First of all, the containers have spouts unlike any that he or I have ever seen. There is a piece on the side of the spout that has to be pulled down so the fuel can be poured out. The bugaboo is that the piece needs to be pushed against the fuel tank opening while the gasoline is being poured in. That is impossible because the tank opening is inset a couple of inches, so the spout can’t be pushed all the way in. Unfortunately, I don’t have a funnel, which would have made the job much easier.

To avoid this problem in the future, I plan to buy a funnel and a different kind of 5-gallon container with a flexible spout. I plan to keep the fuel tank above three quarters full so I won’t have to unhook from the utilities, drive to the fuel station and then hook the utilities back up. I exercise the engine and generator once a month, which doesn’t use a lot of gasoline; but I want to have a “cushion” all the time in case of a prolonged electrical outage, when I would need to run the generator for a long time.

Life’s lessons can sometimes be very interesting!

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