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Impala or African Antelope?

Our first full day of warmth and sun! It's about 70 degrees, and we have the windows and door open, and the Spa channel from XMSirius playing. Ahhhhh… We drove over to one of our favorite nature walks this morning. I haven't been out with my camera for an 'expedition' in a very ong time, and while I didn't expect to see much, I found a few nice shots to take. It's now mid-afternoon, and I'm surprised the campground isn't busier, given it's a weekend with nice weather. We are thankful for the peace and quiet. On the Winter Texan Schedule here, Saturday has been declared "freestyle nap day". Sounds tempting, but I need to throw together and chill some ground sirloin and fixings for burgers first. Mo is laying on his dashboard mat, soaking up the sun and snoozing. Bill is checking out the detailed Texas atlas book he just bought. It's a lovely, lazy day down here.

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