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One of Adventureland's owners waving goodbye on our last day.

Tennessee countryside

Nearing Nashville

Ugh. No fun at all getting through and past that city

My campsite for 2 1/2 months

Oh Grandma! Are we here for a while?

The Amazon fulfillment center at 5:40 p.m. - all 1,300,000 sq. ft....

From the other direction at 4:40 a.m. As big as 31 NFL...

Heading to Pottsville, an unincorporated 'area' near Columbia, TN

The entrance to Marcy Jo's


My seat was the first on the far left right behind the...

I ordered Rory's Overall Breakfast (He wears overalls)

And that is indeed an over all breakfast! And yummy!

If you don't know them, that's Joey and Rory on stage

And Joey and Marcy - 'changing lives one bite at a time'

There was a little gift shop in the loft which provided great...

The entrance to Rory's farmhouse

On one of his fields

Rory's farmhouse on the left, the big red barn hosts concerts and...

A more sombre visit


The entrance to the plantation home. Photos were not allowed inside.



This building housed their slaves

A wedding took place on the property...all the bridesmaids wore black!

And they were married on a battlefield. I wonder if they'll make...




The short gravestone stubs in the foreground were for the slaves. No...


No protesters in sight anywhere





This one slave had her name on her gravestone. The only one.

Squint and you can see the Bluebird Cafe!

I pressed my camera against the window. Didn't even notice the lady...

But here she is... Jaime, our little gift giver.

The stage for the open mics or scheduled performers

Yep, that's the whole of it! It is, however, a little gold...

Been there done that...almost drove away

Well, I had a great trip between Adventureland and my new temp home in Smyrna, Tennessee. I'm 20+/- miles south of Nashville and 18 miles north of my job at Amazon - in a park where I'm glad I'm asleep the majority of the daylight hours I am here. It is much farther from the Amazon center than my two previous locales and the only one where I wouldn't want to pay to stay. There are two other RV parks for which Amazon will cover the expenses, but they are even a longer almost 40 miles. I'll just sleep.

I work the night shift. I leave for work at about 5:10 p.m. and I arrive back to my little home at 5:05 a.m. Boots is VERY happy to see me. He has his own window in my bedroom which is open and he talks to me from his spot there as soon as he sees me. He knows my truck. I'm pooped after ten hours and am eternally grateful I worked at Adventureland - on my feet - all summer. It was only about five hours a day, but it got me ready for this new stint. I hope.

Amazon built this building rather than moving into one or more adjoining ones left by other tenants and this one is beautifully laid out. Managers are great. The negative - for me - is that I'm basically working with a bunch of young new-hire Amazonians and not my RV peers. During my three prior experiences, all the folks in my orientation and a great percentage of the workers on my shift were members of Amazon's "CamperForce". I feel like a loner and don't expect to find the same interaction and friendships as I did in Coffeyville, Kansas. There is only one other member of the CamperForce in my group at work and I am the only one in the RV park, er, rustic campground, that is on the night shift. It's okay...two down and only nine more weeks to go as I write this.

Today, October 21, was the first day I've ventured out. I wanted to do this day before winter sets in...if it does, and not chance missing out on this planned excursion. I've been a fan of Rory + Joey for several years. They're a married couple, he a song writer, she a beautiful country singer. The couple used to have a half hour TV program on the RFD Channel and Rory writes a blog This Life I Live. Somewhere along the way I became a watcher, a reader and fan of theirs. They married, loved deeply, had a child born with Downs Syndrome and named her Indiana, after Joey's home state. "Indy" brought them great joy, but the little girl will only have photos and her daddy's stories to know her mother. And of course her mama's music. Joey contracted cervical cancer and barely made it to Indy's 2nd birthday. She died March 4, 2016. Through their TV programs and Rory's blog, I feel like I almost know them. My daughter-in-law is a big fan too and we both followed their story.

So today I had a late breakfast at Marcy Jo's. Marcy is Rory's sister and both Marcy and Joey always had a spot on the TV show cooking something at their little road stop café. I walked in and it seemed I had been there many times. Joey was singing and I bought another CD. After breakfast, I drove down the road to see where Joey had lived and to see the little school house still under construction where Indy will be home schooled with other children. It was a very special visit to Pottsville and Rory, Joey and Indy's world.

From there, I headed north to Franklin where I toured the Carnton Plantation around which one of the last battles of the Civil War occurred...November 30, 1864, almost one hundred years to the day of my firstborn's (Nov. 29) birthday. Twenty thousand Union soldiers and 20,000 Confederates fought on the land surrounding the plantation. Nine thousand died during that battle and the hundreds and hundreds of wounded were treated, operated on, and limbs amputated in the plantation home. Blood stains are still on the floors on the second level. The owners of the property dedicated two acres to bury 1500 of the dead confederate soldiers. The cemetery is the largest confederate cemetery in the nation.

To end my little day trip on an uplifting note, I drove a little closer to Nashville to see the Bluebird Café. If you're a Nashville TV show aficionado, you know the Bluebird Café. When I got there I laughed, snapped a shot from my truck and almost drove away amused at how tiny it was squeezed between other businesses in the little strip mall. Then I decided to walk over and see what all those signs on the windows said. I knew it wasn't open and that there was a private party there that night (I had considered buying tickets on the internet) so knew looking through the windows would be as close as I would get. Another couple arrived after me, we took pictures of each other, and then a few other couples and a family came. (I am not the ONLY Nashville fan!) And then magic happened - as it does for me so often when I'm traveling. A sweet lady came out and said we could take turns going inside. She was the only one there and setting up for the occasion that night and remembered how she felt when she first visited the Bluebird Café and couldn't get in.

So...I had my private tour and walked where Garth Brooks had just walked the night before (as a guest, not a performer)! One couple said they dialed to get tickets at the exact time they were made available and were too late. It's quite a place, as wee as it is.

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