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Another one of those starts to the day; the kind of start when you open your eyes to the sound of the pitter patter of rain drops as it hits the tent! Flew out of bed and started packing! Better to have a damp tent than a soaking wet tent! It didn't take long for the pitter patter to stop, but we kept packing and were on the road by 6:10 am!

Remember we made this change to our plans and were following Hwy 64 at the suggestion of someone who had gone before us headed for Manitowoc. As we tweak our plans to try and fit in the things we want to do and places we want to see and still make it thru to the east coast in the time allotted, things keep changing.

For me, it is difficult to make a decision and stick to it. Especially with all the time I have to think and rethink as we pedal along! The one idea that continues to stick with me and I continue to reexamine is the idea of going all the way to the east side of Lake Michigan and then sort of back tracking in a car to visit Ottawa. Why go that Far East and then back?? We would rent a car, visit our families and then return to the same point on the trail and carry on. Certainly that isn't cheating or taking away from the fact that we can say we bicycled across the United States, is it?? The car isn't even really the issue. I was the one that pushed for riding down the east side of Lake Michigan, it is beautiful. But if we have already cut the top half off due to time and distance, what is the point of going all the way across the lake to only do half and then back track?? Why not just ride south thru the state of Wisconsin and into Illinois and then up to rejoing the trail?? The first argument for not going that route was Chicago, how are we going to get around or through Chicago?? But I had an A-ha moment on the bike this morning!

We were on Hwy 64 again and it was horrible!! The traffic just did not let up! The shoulder was very narrow and it was just nasty! We didn't like it one bit. It wasn't exactly raining now, even tho the sprinkles this morning thrust us into action, it was just gray and cool. As we were discussing finding another route I started thinking more about just going south in WI and down into Illinois. Ottawa was south of Chicago, so why did we even need to worry about going thru Chicago, why not just carry on east until we were well past Chicago and then head up to rejoing our trail??? So after some discussion , that is exactly what we are going to do and have yet again changed our route and heading southeast, making our way diagonally thru Wisconsin!!

We rode 73 miles today, beat the rain and pulled into Eau Claire for the evening. In a cozy, dry hotel room because the storms threatened and chased us all day! Finally the rain came horizontally and rained itself out I think and we should have fine weather tomorrow!!

Aren't we adventurous?? Kind of excited about the change. It goes along with the theme of "reunion tour" as we are going thru familiar territory! When we got to Menominee, Mike said you know this really feels familiar! Two minutes later we were in front of a restaurant where we had dinner once!! Funny! We worked in Wisconsin with our first construction manager assignment. We really loved Wisconsin then and now we love the familiarity and memories!!

Sorry no photos today!!

Thanks for catching up with our story!! So much interest in what we are doing?? It continues to be the most exciting trip and full of adventure!! Thanks for hanging in there with us!!!!

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