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Carpes in repose at the Wayne County Fairgrounds

Is Geneva-on-the-Lake a tourist town?

Sharp curve on I 90 in Cleveland

Just before I 90 joins the Ohio Turnpike we got off

Ohio 2 is a beautiful drive along Lake Erie

We crossed Sandusky Bay east of Port Clinton

Northeast of Toledo we got on I 280

Bridge on I 280

From I 280 to I 75

Entering Michigan on I 75

From I 75 to I 275 to bypass Detroit (a good thing...)

Finally I 275 to I 94 and today's destination

Happy Hour at Water Wonderland Winnies rally

Our "race car" on the track
We came in second for this heat

Mon, 20 Jun: And a happy longest day of the year to you...

Today's drive is a perfect example of the flexibility that our RV lifestyle affords. We awoke with approximately 215 miles to our final destination, the Wayne County (MI) Fairgrounds, and three days in which to do so. Yet, we had some decisions to make.

We were in a perfectly nice site at the Indian Creek Campgrounds in Geneva-on-the-Lake and the office assured us we could stay another day if we so chose (Option #1). We'd also IDd a couple of RV parks in the Sandusky (OH) area, which is about half way there (Option #2). And finally, we spoke with the folks at the fairground who told us it was OK if we wanted to come in a few days early and we could stay at the rally rate (Option #3). What to do, what to do?

After discussion we elected to take Option #3 and programmed the Fairgrounds into our GPS units. They showed a bit longer than two hundred miles, a "do-able" journey. Once decided, we got to work getting things ready for the road. Since we hadn't disconnected the car it was a comparatively quick and easy task. Sandi rolled out of the campground entrance and on to OH 531 west thru downtown Geneva-on-the-Lake.

To say Geneva-on-the-Lake is a tourist town is an understatement. See the pix Bob shot as we drove thru downtown. West of town we picked up OH 534 south toward I 90. This state route, while a designated truck route, was narrow with several low trees. It also went right thru downtown Geneva, but the beautiful buildings made it OK.

Once on I 90 we headed toward Cleveland some fifty miles west. As we approached Cleveland from the east the sky darkened and we drove into a small, but intense, rail squall. It was enough to clean the windshield. Once thru that the sun came out again and we navigated the maze that is Cleveland's freeway system. No problems and soon we were west of town.

Near Elyria I 90 joins with the Ohio Turnpike so we elected to move to Ohio 2, which is a Scenic Route skirting Lake Erie's south shore. It took us to Sandusky and across the Sandusky Bay to Port Clinton and Camp Perry. We broke for a quick lunch at a rest stop near Camp Perry and continued west toward Toledo.

Northeast of Toledo we picked up I 280, which bypassed town and joined with I 75 a few miles farther. We crossed into Michigan on I 75 and Bob got to drive thru several miles of construction before transitioning to I 275. I 275 heads north toward Flint, but more importantly, it bypasses Detroit.

Some twenty miles on I 275 to I 94, which we took west a few exits to Belleville and the Wayne County Fairgrounds. We arrived at 1335 and got signed up for two extra nites stay. We pulled into a nice level grassy site and first thing plugged in the power cord. It was more than ninety degrees out and we wanted to get the A/C units going ASAP.

Once set up we were getting the coach set up for staying when there was a knock on the door. It was Butch and Becky Moore, the Winnebago Club's Western Region Representatives. They're also here for the rally and we chatted for a bit about the rally and the upcoming Winnebago Grand National Rally to be held next month. The Moores are in charge of the parking crews, and therefore our Jefes.

We spent the balance of the year's longest day relaxing and enjoying life. We'll be at the Michigan Chapter Rally till Sunday when we head north a hundred or so miles to Saginaw where we'll visit with dear friends Carmen and Domingo Davila.

Today's drive was 217 miles with a fuel economy of 7.8 mpg.

Fri, 24 Jun: Rallying Ho!

Our quiet solitude at the Wayne County Fairgrounds ended Wednesday and yesterday as the rally attendees started to arrive. We had Winnebagos to our port, starboard, and aft. With the RVs came new friends and busy, busy Happy Hours.

Earlier today we made a Costco run. We're unsure when we'll next see a Costco so we ensured that we had an adequate supply of our favorites.

Tonite is dinner and tomorrow the car race. Our "car" is pretty plain and simple as neither of us possess any skills to make it anything else. Oh well, at least we're cute!

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