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The original plan for this winter had us heading back home after our niece's wedding party. Instead we have driven 400 miles in the wrong direction and find ourselves back at The Great Outdoors, where we spent six weeks earlier this winter and fell in love with the place. We are here to complete the paperwork for the purchase of a campsite. We have some nice trees in the back of the lot dripping with Spanish Moss that would not be so nice if they blocked the view of the satellite dish on our roof, but we've made a good connection and all is in order. The closing was scheduled for April 1, since the lot was rented out until then and the previous owner wanted to keep those fees. Luckily, the renter decided to leave a few days early so we are parked on the lot that soon will be ours. Closing earlier would have felt rushed and we wanted to make sure that we had taken care of all the details, since we don't intend to return here until winter of 2017. Our plan is to rent the lot just like we have been a renter here. Hopefully, those fees will take care of taxes and the maintenance fees and the TGO organization will be a good landlord in our absence.

When we are not busy with the purchase bureaucracy we are enjoying a visit of friends from home, who are taking their first trip with their first RV. They have many questions and Ken is working hard to answer them all. It's great to see them again and we hope that they will be sharing more RV travels with us in the future.

The FL weather is super. Note to self: leaving FL at the end of February is leaving too soon. Now that we will have have a place to call our own, we can stay until it gets hot. There go those rental fees!

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