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Carpe at National RV Refrigeration

County Road #9 crosses the Indiana Tollway

Bimbo Bakery!
Do they specialize in buns???

Indiana Route 120 passes thru Bristol

North of Shipshewana we move onto Indiana 5

The fridge is out
The old cooling unit is visible

John removes the old cooling unit

Fridge access panels sans fridge

New cooling unit is in place
Alas, it was faulty and needed to...

Amish buggy on IN 5
This is a main route into Shipshewana

Our new cooling unit installed and ready to go

Thu, 19 Jun: A most interesting day...

Today was a most interesting day. Interesting as in the Chinese sense, may you be cursed with an interesting day. It seemed straightforward at the time, but evolved into, well, an interesting day!

Our week at the Elkhart Campground was finished and we had to go somewhere. While at the FMCA rally in Goshen we learned that there is an outfit in Shipshewana that installs the "Amish" refrigerator units. The Amish units are far better built than the original Norcold unit that came with the coach. And, while we were not having any problems with our Norcold, we have been thinking of refitting our fridge with an Amish unit.

Anyway, Bob called National RV Refrigeration in Shipshewana and, yes, they do the refit and they do have units in stock. In addition, they have an appointment for ten this morning. So, we made the appointment and today decamped Elkhart Campground and drove 26 miles to Shipshewana. Our route was via county and state roads thru Amish Country with its immaculate farms and buggies on the shoulders.

Now it gets interesting... The folks at National did an outstanding job removing the fridge and its original cooling unit. The Amish unit went in without a hitch and the fridge was back in place by three and the power turned on. All appeared to be humming along with one slight issue, the new unit did not cool the fridge.

After a few hours of fooling around the prognosis was that the new unit was faulty and will need to be replaced. That'll happen tomorrow. Meanwhile, our food is in the fridge inside the National RV Refrigeration building and they set us up with a small, dorm sized unit for our immediate needs. Since we're plugged into their power it isn't a problem.

So, instead of continuing east tomorrow (Friday) we'll be here at least thru Saturday. No big worry since full-timers always have a Plan "B" (and "C", "D", and sometimes "E").

Fri, 20 Jun: Refrigerator #2 is a go!!!

We spent the nite plugged into 50 amps of power at National RV Refrigeration. We had to vacate the space by 0800 as they had scheduled service appointments that need the space. So we relocated to a corner of the lot near Indiana 5 and boondocked for the day while we awaited an opportunity to get back into the service area.

It was a rainy and squally day with intermittent showers. The clouds hung in there all day, but despite them our solar system managed to charge our batteries and keep us powered up. We watched the "world go by" our window, especially the line of Amish buggys and their sturdy steeds. It was a relaxing way to spend a day.

We finally got back in place by 1630 and Leon started work and replacing the faulty cooling unit. Working alone he had the job finished by sevenish and we pushed the button to start 'er up.

Within an hour we knew that all was OK as the temperature in the freezer started dropping. By bedtime the freezer temperature was in the single digits and the refrigeration space in the fifties. Now we're cool!

We plan to spend another nite here as Leon wants to perform some checks in the morning before letting us go.

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