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Glenda Alexander and Ivri Messenger

Emma Brisbin and Vera Eckard

Lolly Kallstrom and Pastor Magdalene Holm-Roejler

Mag Holm-Roejler, Barbara Hillsman and Dorothy Lorence (Visitor from Houston)

Mary and Ruth Roberts and Dianne Bennett

Inge Rider and Virginia Staats in Front of Caswell House

Today I went with my “Galivantin’ Gals” group of friends to the Junior League’s Christmas at Caswell House luncheon. There were fourteen of us! We had to be seated at two tables but at least they were next to each other. One woman was visiting from Houston; her daughter is married to Barbara Hillsman’s son. It was so good to see all these friends again after those months out of contact during my recovery period.

While I was waiting in the sitting room for my friends to finish their shopping, I visited with a woman who has a lot in common with me. She and her husband used to travel extensively by motorhome all over the country and she loved it. A much less exciting commonality is that she had back surgery in June by a surgeon who is a colleague of my Dr. Geck. She is wearing an electrical bone growth stimulator, which is supposed to enhance the body’s natural bone healing process. The bone fusion process occurs over time, from a few months and up to a year. That is why there should be only limited movement during that time – thus, the “no BLT” rule.

The meal was very good but the servings were smaller than they had been at past luncheons. We started with loaded baked potato soup. The entrée was rosemary grilled chicken breast. It was served with oven-roasted potatoes with fresh herbs and a fall vegetable medley. For dessert there was key lime pie. The meal was catered by Gumbo’s North of Georgetown and background music was by pianist Marlene Nichols.

As we were leaving, Ivri jammed the ring finger on her right hand. Inge took her to ARA, where they learned that it had been broken. This will be a handicap because Ivri is right-handed.

This morning I discovered, to my chagrin, that my furnace was not blowing warm air. At first I thought that I might have run out of propane but it checked out alright. I called a mobile RV technician and was extremely happy that he could be here tomorrow afternoon. What good fortune!! It’s just in time for the cold front heading our direction.

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