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Cooling off at Coolalinga caravan park, Darwin


Jabiru to the big smoke

On our way out of Kakadu, we could have gone to a good bird-watching spot, gone on a cruise, or explored the rivers. We didn't. Sometimes, we're just ready to move on (and desperate for friends to chat with!). We popped into Window on the Wetlands education centre, then determinedly made our way to the nearby outskirts of Darwin.

Our happy intention was to camp out at our uni friends', the Jenners', place for the week, but we couldnt be too sad when they told us we couldn't stay - because they had a super great reason! They had only recently returned from the Philippines with a new little family member, their adopted daughter, Althea, and so day visits were better.

We had been told that accommodation could be hard to find and expensive, but after a little research and happenstance, we set up at Coolalinga caravan park for $30 a night (thank you office lady! - "I don't like to charge for kids"). The kids did their 2-point check of the premises - is there a pool? what are the toilets like? - and it passed muster.

We had been looking forward to Darwin not just because it was our first capital city on this trip, but because we have a few friends in town, who we've met in brisvegas at some point. While the kids bomb dived in the pool I called Kerri, the mum of one of pip's old Mitchie school friends, Jacob. She and I and our friend Lizzie (who we visited in Cairns earlier in the trip) used to be walking buddies too - they proved to me that people really are crazy enough to get up at 5 am and exercise! I also got in contact with one of pip's friends who used to go to Grovely ss, Lara. We organised to get together and I think I might have been looking forward to seeing Kerri and Danielle just as much as pip was to see Jacob and Lara!

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