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Today we head down to Dijon, the capital of the Burgundy region ( Attempted to do the trip using backroads to travel thru small villages. No go. the route we mapped out took us into the high country where it was starting to snow quite heavily, so we had to backtrack to the main Autoroute. Temps are still freezing (-1 to 3 degrees, even in the middle of the day). Even traveling through the low flat valley areas of Alsace and down into Burgundy, there us still evidence of recent snowfalls, and every now and then, flecks of snow blow onto the windscreen.

Still, the scenery is quite beautiful - broad rivers and valleys, small villages, heavily forested slopes.

After about 4 hours driving (including 2 hours backtracking) we arrive in Dijon where we plan to stay for two or three nights. Freezing cold temps, but dry and clear. Hopefully the weather will hold to enable us to explore the Burgundy region (

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