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Klamath, CA - Klamath's Camper Corral River Beach Resort

Klamath, CA - Klamath's Camper Corral River Beach Resort, another view

Klamath, CA - Klamath's Camper Corral River Beach Resort, and another

Where the Klamath River meets the Pacific Ocean - we waited three...

A closer view of them coming together

This is a little lower shot Doris took the day we arrived...

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 0 - our route - 37 miles

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 1 - a little foggy as we get...

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 2 - a lot clearer as we move...

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 3 - up, down, and around the coastal...

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 4 - back into Native American country

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 5 - the bears guarding the Klamath River...

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 6

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 7 - bridge work delayed us about 15...

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 8 - the Klamath River coming from the...

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 9 - the Klamath River headed to the...

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 10 - Hydrangeas as we enter the campground

Trinidad to Klamath, CA 11 - a closeup of one of the...

JSRSP 0 - our route - 70 miles round trip

JSRSP 1 - The Smith River running through the park


JSRSP 3 - one of the many, many huge redwoods we encountered...

JSRSP 4 - the top of that tree

JSRSP 5 - they do wreak a little havoc when they fall!

JSRSP 6 - did I say they are huge

JSRSP 7 - a bunch of big ones together

JSRSP 8 - another big one

JSRSP 9 - Libby waiting with the other cars under the large...

JSRSP 10 - another trail we walked was through the Stout Memorial...

JSRSP 11 - more huge trees

JSRSP 12 - the burl at the base of one of the...

JSRSP 13 - it's a long way up!

JSRSP 14 - she couldn't have walked under this point of the...

JSRSP 15 - another big one falls - imagine a football field...

JSRSP 16 -the front of one of the small motels in Crescent...

JSRSP 17 - the Battery Point Lighthouse in the Crescent City Harbor

JSRSP 18 - still in use

JSRSP 19 - it's also on a nice mural in town

JSRSP 20 - the touchy-feely tank at Ocean World in Crescent City

JSRSP 21 - a harmless Killer Whale (Orca) at Ocean World

JSRSP 22 - one of the Harbor Seals

JSRSP 23 - two more

JSRSP 24 - the star of the show, Cora the sea lion



JSRSP 27 - the beach at Crescent City

JSRSP 28 - the inevitable construction

JSRSP 29 - the shoreline on the way back to Klamath

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Big Redwood

The trip from Trinidad to Klamath, CA was a short, easy 37 miles though it took a little over an hour due to a fifteen minute wait for construction on the Klamath River Bridge just a mile from the campground. The views on the trip were much of the same but we have included a few pictures anyway.

We are staying at Klamath's Camper Corral River Beach Resort. I don't know about the resort part but it is a nice campground with a lot of amenities for those that have children: a pool; lots of outside games such as horseshoes, tether bsll, etc.; a nice game room with several games such as a pool table, video arcade games, and table tennis; exercise room; and a lot of other stuff we don't use! They don't have 50 amp hookups, just 30, which we would like so we don't worry about flipping the breaker when we turn a few things on at a time. They also have side by side hookups which we hate. Luckily it wasn't too crowded and they try to space everyone out and we never had anyone hooked up next to us. We do have full hookups and a clear shot to the satellite. Verizon is OK but not the best - no 4G for the MiFi, just 3G - the pictures took quite a while to upload!

Wednesday we made the trip through Crescent City and then to Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, JSRSP on our picture captions. It is also part of the Redwoods National Park, like Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park was, but has a much better collection of old growth trees in our opinion. There were more large trees here than we have seen so far and they were grouped together. It wasn't just one or two huge trees amongst a bunch of smaller trees but very thick with large trees throughout the groves. We walked two trails - the Reed Simpson Grove and the Stout Memorial Grove. They were both very nice walks through the redwoods and great exercise. Doris is doing really well with the trails. We just hope the Oregon roads are much better and less bumpy than the California ones as that is where she has the most problems.

Of course Thursday was the Fourth of July and we just stayed in the campground the rest of the week to avoid the holiday madness! Tomorrow, we finally get out of California and get into Oregon with our first stop at Brookings, another short drive.

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