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Since I last made an entry we got lost going to the post office, the grocery store, finding a place to get Dick a hair cut, and looking for diesel. Then there was the unplanned trip downtown where we ended up headed to Los Angeles but found a CVS to get Dick's prescriptions refilled.

We have acquired 2 more free t-shirts. They're from the Riviera across the street .They have a brass sculpture, life size ,of 8 women lined up on the side of the building with their backs to you in thong underwear. It says no ifs,ands,or butts. People always pose with them and take a picture. I did too! The t-shirts are of the same line up.

Last night we watched the pirate show at Treasure Island. It's a lot raunchier than it was 18 years ago .

I went to the Fashion Show Mall while my retired hubby retired to his office. (took a nap) This mall is not much smaller than the mall of America. I missed the bus and walked back. I always buy water from the homeless guys. They buy a case for $4 and sell it for $1 a bottle and make $20. Better plan than pan handling. My family and friends will tell you I am a bum magnet.

I can't keep up this pace, last night we didn't get home till 11pm and I missed Survivor. Tomorrow it's laundry and scrap booking.

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