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We took off from Nazca airport in a four seater plane with Mike andVivienne to view the Nazca lines, drawn in the desert 1500 years ago. They are not sure why they were drawn, but the result is a wonderful collection of drawings of animals and objects that can only be appreciated from the air.

Our pilot was skilled at tipping the plane at just the right angle for the designs to be seen below the wing. A whale, a monkey, dog and the famous hummingbird that features on our rally badge.

After a coffee at he hotel we set off into town to fill up with petrol, get cash, stamps (£2 each!) and a very cheap lunch in a restaurant full of locals.

Back at the hotel we visited the aqueducts built by the Nazca civilisation and still in use today - to irrigate the hotel garden ongsg other things. The aqueduct had regular access points with a spiral path built out of pebbles to access the water at tehe bottom.

After drinks in the bar to celebrate Johnny's birthday, we had buffet supper, took our Diomox pills and prepared to start climbing again tomorrow. The cars have had three days of coastal plain to rest from the brutal gradients of the Andes mountains, but tomorrow starts with a climb from 800m to 4300m of altitude in the first 30 miles! The Aston has been fitted with the high altitude carburettor needles - let's just hope that I can get the engine started in the morning. I also plan to advance the ignition timing a few degrees once we gain altitude in an attempt to get more power from a lower concentration of fuel/air mixture.

They have some rhea in our hotel garden. They are huge!

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