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Bonnie Enjoying the Fire

Charlie and Bonnie Enjoying the Campfire

Charlie and Joker, Neighbor's Burmese Mtn Dog

We had 2 days of long pulls around the large Northeastern cities and landed in Gettysburg, PN. While en route we learned of Hurricane Irene brewing off the coast and decided to slow down a little coming home to avoid her.

While in Gettysburg we stayed at a campground right inside the battlefield that is also a National Riding Stable. Yes, horses! You can take a horseback tour of the battlefield.

We took a drive over to Hanover for a tour of Snyder's of Hanover manufacturing plant. We saw an impressive operation with lots of robotics as well as people making/packing/shipping pretzels and potato chips. We learned that a pretzel takes 40 minutes to make, start to finish; potato chips, only 10 minutes. They would not allow pictures but if you ever have a chance to visit, it is definitely worth it. We got samples at the end and we bought 3 bags of pretzels for .99 each and some Pepperidge Farms Mint Milano cookies. Syder's has merged w/Lance and is now publicly owned.

We walked across the street from our campground to walk some of the battlefield, observing the many monuments. The 3 days of Civil War fighting has never been very clear to us until we visited the Gettysburg Diorama. This is a H.O. scale model of the entire battlefield, including the city. There is a light and sound show that helps put this bloody battle in perspective. There was a case full of Civil War artifacts that had been found at our campground!

On 8/23, Tues afternoon, Charlie and I took a nap and I tried to wake him to tell him someone was shaking the RV. All I got was a grunt. That night we heard on the news that there was an earthquake very closeby! I was very glad I wasn't crazy, yet.

We enjoyed the campsite and had a fire one night. Bonnie enjoys being o/s w/us.

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