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Most of the road from Burns to John Day were like this,...

Chair carved from a stump at Grant Co. Museum in Caynon City.

The famous Kam Wah Chung drug store,

The alter in the grocery store. Building served as a social center...

Check out the big wok. That could feed a lot of people.

It was a safe building because of the thick stone walls.

Mountain view from the fairgrounds.

Our cozy site at the Fairgrounds at John Day, OR.

We left Burns on Wednesday morning. The roads were great for about 90 of the 98 miles we drove. We had one BIG pass where we came down over 1000 feet. Of course, I was on the outside. Ron does a great job driving - it is just my silly fear of heights. The scenery was great. Lots of little cabins and farms tucked away in the trees.

John Day is a town on the John Day river south of Pendelton about 180 miles. It is in the Blue Mountain range.

John Day was and explorer in 1811 who was separated from his group. He followed the river (now named John Day) to Walla Walla. From there history becomes myth and there are many stories about the rest of his life.

It is a little town that used to be a logging town. The mills have closed and most of their income comes from tourist and skiing in the winter.

Wednesday we parked at the Elk Lodge and found a laundromat to get some clean clothes. No hookups here but we have enough water and the solar panels are doing a great job of providing power. If all else fails, we have the generator.

Thursday we went to the Chinese Drug Store. The two gentleman that ran it (so the story goes) had no heirs so when they died it just sat there full of merchandise. Finally someone decided that would make a good museum so they fixed the roof and turned it into a museum.

We also went to the Grant County Museum in Canyon City (about 3 miles south). I guess we are just getting museum-ed out. It is great if you know any of the people as they all have great stories but we have seen enough "stuff" that people didn't want to throw out and gave to the museum. They did have a great exhibit of polished rocks, some of which I recognized as my dad used to make rock jewelry.

I kinda messed up when I was doing our schedule. The woolen mills that we want to visit in Pendleton aren't open on the weekend. Since they have a great campground at the Fairgrounds in John Day, we decided to spend the next two nights there and go to Pendleton on Sunday.

So that means that we got to listen to the Demolition Derby and dirt bike races last night. But we are far enough away and they stopped pretty early that it didn't bother us at all.

Friday we went shopping a bit and looked for some jeans for me. Couldn't find the size I needed and the supply was very limited. We picked up a few groceries and called it good. We went to the Elks for a great pork chop dinner Friday night.

Saturday we forgot about the Farmer's Market we wanted to go to but we took a long walk along the John Day River and sat outside and carved a bit. Not a very exciting day - but it worked for us.

Today (Sunday) we will head over the Blue Mountains to Pendleton. I'm not sure how long we will stay there but beside the woolen mills they have a great underground to explore.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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