Bumming Around with Daisy 2011 travel blog

This morning I submitted five of my stormy weather photos to Escapees magazine. I hope they’ll accept one.

Compass Bank has tacked on outrageous fees, so I’m having my own protest. As soon as I had learned of this, I opened an account at a credit union and notified all the institutions which made regular deposits to my account. Everything is changed over now, so this afternoon I closed my checking account at Compass. I went first to a teller, who told me that it would have to be closed by a banker; so I waited, and waited and …. A woman who I had thought at first was a banker told me several times that a banker would be with me shortly. Finally, I asked her if she could possibly help me. She was getting ready to leave but told one of the tellers to go ahead and do it since I hade been waiting so long. The transaction took all of five minutes!

Then I went over to Randy and Trish Jones’ house to play their piano. At least this was a pleasant experience. I was amused by their bird; during one song he started singing and was actually keeping time with the music! Trish’s sister, who is mentally disabled, also really got into it. She was trying to sing and was keeping time with her foot.

After my “concert” Trish served cookies and milk, which really hit the spot. I was feeling hungry because I had eaten a very light lunch.

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