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The Mardi Gras rally was over, but we considered staying on one more day to decompress along with some of our fellow participants. But our site was taken and if you are going to pack up to move to another site, you might as well pack up and move. Strong winds and hard rain passed through the area, have delayed long enough for most Mardi Gras activities to be finished. There is something disconcerting about sitting next to a levee a few feet below sea level as the rain pours. As we waited for thunderstorms and winds to pass, we went to the fish market a block away to buy something fresh for dinner. There were about twenty vendors there appearing to sell the same seafood to restaurant owners as well as people like us only buying a pound. Of course when you buy fresh seafood you have a lot of work ahead removing shells and other inedible parts, but the fresh taste is worth it.

We've returned to a tiny RV park that crams 17 rigs into a gravel parking lot cheek to jowl. There's nothing scenic about it. Some of the folks camped here have stayed over a month and we feel lucky to be here at all. What's the attraction? Betty, the owner of the campground. We are in the middle of Cajan country and Betty hosts a happy hour every afternoon to bring her campers together to meet one another and learn from her about good things to do around here. One couple has enjoyed their stay here so much, they bought a home in Abbeville and will sell their RV as long as Betty allows them to come to happy hour every day. They talked about Mardi Gras celebrations in this rural area and made them sound like so much fun, we may have to return during this special time some future year. We were here for about a week and thought we had seen and done and eaten at most of the hot spots, but after happy hour today, we have heard about more. That's why people come to Betty's.

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