Penny and Bob's Great Adventure 2011 travel blog

Our campsite at Lakeview RV Park

This couple tours the country on their motorcycles

All set up in camp....

....with all the comforts of home

One HUGE ELABORATE house on the hill. We never did find out...

Storm coming our way!

Taco hiding from the thunder in Nellies kitty box

Nellie saying goodnight to Sam.


Off by 9:30 for the total I-40 drive to Bluff City/Bristol Tennessee. Even the drive around Knoxville was relatively easy. I surely am going to miss these wonderful roads once we get to Pennsylvania.

Pulled into the Lakeview RV Park at 12:15 for a total drive of 140 miles. Lots of trucks on the road today and lots of hills! Not used to hills after coming from the west. And, obviously, tons of green.

After getting set up, we took a drive into town for diesel and a look-see. The campground is only a few miles from the Bristol Motor Speedway (NASCAR) and, as you’re coming over the hill towards that, all of a sudden, there it is, the back of the grandstands, looming on your right. Quite a surprise! Did some shopping and got fuel at Walmart and then on home.

We had a thunderstorm tonight!! With rain!! As I sat at my computer, I could see this giant dark cloud coming over the mountain towards the campground. Really sort of scary, to tell the truth. And then it rained! Big huge drops and then a more normal rain. It was actually rather neat … mainly because, even though I could see some mighty fine streaks of lightening on the other side of the hill, we didn’t get any really loud thunder here. Around 4 a.m. I was awakened by Taco pacing all over the bed…another storm was coming our way.


Today I went to town to return the socks Bob got yesterday (wrong ones), get a few things we forgot yesterday and mail his cards. Well, Walmart didn't have our ice tea or a water refill station so off I went in search of another one. "Just up the interstate to Exit 7" they told me. Well! Following Miss GPS got me down a country lane in Virginia which, while beautiful, certainly didn't have a Walmart on it! I am going to drop her in the nearest lake if she doesn't shape up!! I recently updated it and she's still taking us places that haven't been whatever it was we were looking for, for years.

Never did find the post office or the second Walmart but did get to see the city of Bristol but whether it was Bristol TN or Bristol VA, I don't know. Since we've decided to stay one more day, maybe Bob and I will drive up tomorrow and do a little sightseeing. I did get a couple of geocaches done today and I did mail his cards...from the Piney Flats post office.

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