Winter 2010 - 2011 travel blog

Just acting silly. Bottom to top: Kellie, me,Susy, and Molly.

Art making soda can whirllygigs.

The group working on our solar panels. Photo by Dennis Hill.

Even Molly was helping. Photo by Dennis Hill.

This is Mark the Great Solar Panel Guru. Photo by Dennis Hill.

Our rig with the solar panel up making electricity.

Signs at the corner of Hwy 95 and Kuehn Road.

Some things they sell are elegant. Strings of beads for those who...

Some things aren't so elegant. Have no idea what this junk is.

Rock, rocks and more rocks. Blocks and blocks of vendors like this.

This is about 1/4 of the big tent. It is huge.

And you have to walk around stupid people like this who bring...

All around the outside of the big tent are vendors. And the...

The Butt Party gang.

And then they were GONE!!!

I left off early Thursday morning with our solar panels not working. The next thing I knew – I had men on the roof, a man inside and even one underneath the rig. They worked with screwdrivers, electrical meters and pieces of wire. They bypassed panels, hooked panels together, measured current in and out of many places. Finally, the verdict was that the panels were not talking to all the batteries and the batteries were not talking to each other. Would you believe – the solar people had disconnected the wire between the batteries and once it was hooked up – all was well?

It only took two days to get that far. That’s because in between times we went shopping at the big tent.

We wanted to get a SKP plaque for our back ladder, so we picked that up. Of course, we wanted it engraved with our names, so we had lots of time to look around. We found some things we needed – a new hose, two new campfire chairs, a back support for me, a magnetic bracelet to see if it would help Ron’s wrist, and lots of info on WA, OR, NV, ID and Alberta, Canada. That is where we will be traveling so I picked up info on where to go and things to see.

One of the best things we picked up was a Palm Pixi. Verizon now uses that for a phone and a mobile hot spot that can provide WiFi for up to 5 devises. It will replace my Verizon air card and Cradle point modem. I also have unlimited web access on it. The best thing is that it replaces my air card that was $79 per month and the new Pixi only costs $25 per month. A new toy and saving $$ at the same time. WOOT!! As my granddaughters would say. A win/win situation.

Our dear friend, George, helped us fix the taillight problem. We think the fuse was blown when we jumped the motorhome battery but, since we’ve never driven it at night, we don’t know when the taillight problem happened. Anyway, he is young, slim and more agile than Ron so he could get under the dash to replace the fuses. It was hard for him to get out – but we now have taillights.

Saturday was the Pork butt dinner. It was super yummy. The only regret was that I laid down for just a few minutes and fell asleep – so my corn soufflé didn’t get done in time for the pot luck. It did taste good on Sunday night when Ron and I got home. I didn’t have to really cook anything for dinner.

Dennis had his huge bonfire and passed out door prizes. Ron got a nice basket that I can use as a breadbasket and I got a book light. It even fits on my Nook!! So we really came out ahead. Then was some joke telling time.

Sunday morning, almost before I was out of bed, the rigs started pulling out. You’d think these people had to get back home to a job or something. By the time I was done with my shower – our part of the desert was empty. So we packed up and started for home. Ron let me drive the motorhome out to the road. I really didn’t feel comfortable driving any further as the traffic in Q is crazy this time of year. But I enjoyed driving it for the mile or so that I did.

The trip home was uneventful for me – but I was driving the little pickup. Ron had a bit of trouble as the winds had picked up and he had a cross wind all the way home. He stopped at Zip and picked up fuel and propane so we are set for the next trip.

Right now we are using the 5th wheel as a living/TV room and the motorhome as a bedroom/kitchen. The motorhome is warmer and we like the bed better. AND all my pots and pans and most of the food are there. We have the TV set up in the 5th wheel and a big puzzle on the table so it is better for that. We just have to walk across the lot to get from one to the other.

So that is the way our week has gone. Life is good. Enjoy!!

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