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On top of the Eiffel!

Storming the Bastile!

Me and Eric at the Parade

Notre Dame and Eiffel

in front of Shakespeare and Co Bookstore


We Slept in and slowly got ready to head to the Eiffel tower to take the steps to the second floor! We had to stand in line for a very long time and Eric mentioned that he would die on our hike up. "Just good exercize!" I said.

Eric took the first level at almost a run, thinking that the faster he got up the easier it would be. I took my time and found him sitting on a bench "stretching" on the first level. I walked around a bit taking pictures and was joined by Eric who was ready for the climb to the second level. He walked slower with me this time, learning his lesson. The view from the Eiffel tower was fantastic! Walking around the tower you could see everything, the whole city and beyond. After mingling on the second floor (walking in and then out of the gift shop because of the rediculous prices) we decided to head back down. The whole trip I had been learning so much about Paris from small bits of knowledge Eric had so I decided to share my knowledge- "did you know that it takes bigger muscles to go up but more muscles to go down stairs?"

We then grabbed a train to where the Technoparade would be headed and got seranaded by some accordian musicians who were very good and I gave them a 50 cent tip for making me smile :)

When we got to the Bastille square where the technoparade would be headed, I got a Nutella and banana crape which was so delicious I had to say how good it was after each bite. And whil we were waiting for the parade, Eric had to show me all the delicious pastry places, which made me want to get moooore dessert! But I didnt get more dessert, I restrained myself.

We sat around for awhile in the square watching all the people coming for the parade. It got really cold so I said that we should try to find me a scarf, and I didnt get a scarf, but I found gloves and my hands were happy! And while we were walking back it started to rain so we went in the metro and just watched people for awhile.

And thats when we heard the deep bass pumping in the distance. We arose from the metro into the cold and found the plazza was closed and people were everywhere! People had climbed onto the bastille monument (taking 'storm the bastille' to a whole new level)! We went to where the floats were comming and noticed that right before the floats got to us the music shut off. I was standing on a small pillar above the crowd and was able to see the masses of people everywhere and hear the music reflecting off the paris buildings. People were litterally everywhere! On top of bus stop buildings, in trees, on the floats, on the monument. It was fun to see. After awhile of being completely unsatisfied by the lack of music comming our way, Eric led the way through the crowd past all sorts of different (and awesome) techno music. "Once we get to the last float, we will follow it all the way to the end" Eric said and we did. I got pushed around a bit, but I told Eric to protect me and he did (casue he is tall!). I had my hand on my pocket and camera the whole time and felt someone trying to take my chapstick but slapped their had away before they got it. Other then that I felt pretty safe in the huge crowd. The music bumped so loudly I could feel it (thank goodness Eric reminded me to bring my earplugs!) and once our float go to the end I was so sad. Good techno music for me gets deep and makes me want to move my body to the beat. For each person there is that song, or band or type of music that makes your insides smile and churn with happiness, for me its good techno and after the music stopped I was still hyped up.

We walked around the plazza for a bit, watching people and then decided to head to the pantheon. We walked the way that the parade had come and noticed the cleaning crew behind cleaning the streets right away. It was pretty organized!

When we got to the pantheon it was cold and too late to go inside but I already knew it wouldnt be as cool as the one in Rome! so we walked around it and went on our way. I stopped in a shop to buy some scarves. There were a type of scarf that was very popular in Paris (and also my favorite kind of scarf) so I bought a bunch (being so much cheaper then in the states!). Then we walked around a bit and got some delicious panini's that we ate while watching some street performers. We also stopped into an old bookstore called Shakespeare and Company which is an english bookstore that was really cool! The first floor had floor to ceiling books and narrow halls and then to get to the second floor there was a small staircase that only one person could fit on at a time. On the second floor there was a piano that someone was playing and I love the piano. I browsed the books while listening to the piano. Exhausted from our long day, we took the metro back to the hostel and I went to bed early cause I had to get up early the next morning to catch my bus to the airport!

We got back to the hostel and had to take the elevator to our 7th floor room. We were in the elevator with three other people and we were all facing eachother but trying not to look at eachother. It was silent except for the click-clank of the elevator. I tried to ignore the silence and strange noises from the elevator but I just found it completely hilarious for some reason so I burst out laughing. I tried to stop but me laughing was just funny in itself. I looked at Eric for some help but instead he had this look on his face like he was holding back laughter and then he started to yell at me... "You need to settle down!!! Relax!!" So I started laughing harder because he was yelling at me and the other people in the elevator had no idea what was going on (it was even better cause they didnt speak english). I was relieved when the elevator opened and was the first one out, still cracking up. It was one of those times where you cant stop laughing no matter how hard you try and you feel like a complete idiot for laughing so much (Melanie, you know what Im talking about)! When we got into the room Eric was like, "what was THAT about??" and we cracked up talking about it.

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