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A beer at the Red Piano before finding a hotel. It is...

The climb up Phnom Bakheng for sunset

Angor Wat from the top of Phnom Bakheng

The notice in our hotel room in Siem Reap

The new and old all together

Us and many buddha's at the Bayon in Angkor Thom

A prayer to Buddha


Locals at work

Baphuon under renovation by the French

Very steep climb up Phimeanakas in Angkor Thom (Landon & Noel)

Prasats Suor Prat in Angkor Thom

Terrace of the Elephants

The entrance to Angkor Wat, monks still go there

Inside of Angor Wat

The gate of Angkor Wat from the inside

The over grown jungle of Ta Prohm, felt like we were in...

This is where the photo for the Lonely Planet Cambodia book was...

More of Ta Prohm, our favorite temple


Angkor Wat at sunrise

Very pretty

Our Tuk Tuk broke down, after a new spark plug we were...

One of the gates to Angkor Thom

Just liked the photo

Stopped for a drink outside of Preah Khan

The family we bought our drinks from

Some spots look a little tipsy, I sent Janet first.

Neak Pean

This was actually in the toilet

Ta Som

East Mebon

Guy selling trinkets at East Mebon

Amazing detailed carvings that have been around for hundreds of years everywhere

Our luxury bus to the Thai border

Lots of space everywhere on the bus

The national highway

Moving goods at the border crossing

April 7 to April 10

We arrived in Siem Reap ready to explore the temples but again were swarmed by Tuk Tuk drivers when we got off the bus. We opted for the free shuttle bus to town and beer while deciding where to stay. Noel, Sebestion, Landon and I stayed at the Mandalay Inn (No where near as nice as the Mandalay in Vegas but what can you expect for $15/night) while Peter stayed down the street (fan room $6/night). The five of us went to watch the sunset the first night but it was over rated in our opinion. The next day we hired a Tuk Tuk drive for the day, $10, and went exploring with Noel & Sebestation. (Angkor Thom & Angkor Wat). Peter who was more enthustastic about the temples opted to go on his own. We came back around 2:00 as the heat had beaten us, it has been 39c ever since we arrived in Asia. The next day the four of us got up to watch the sunrise over Angkor Wat. Our Tuk Tuk driver was late, so we went with Sebastion and Noel's until our driver arrived. We sent the rest of the day looking at various temples (see pictures). We bought some souviners from some cute but persistent kids. Our driver was having trouble with his Tuk Tuk and he disappeared for a couple of hours to fix it. He did arrive back in time to give us a ride home. He did however try and over charge us which we thought was pretty funny since he was not there most of the day. The last three temples, we didn't really explore, we just jumped out and viewed. We headed back to town to have a leisurely lunch. We met up with Peter for dinner and relaxed.

We got up early for our trip to the Thailand border which was an adventure, while Peter opted for another day at the temples. We got to what was supposed to be a luxury bus but it turned out to be a rather cramped and full mini bus. The drive was about 5 hours on bumpy dirt roads and something we hope never to do again. The drive would have been about 4 hours but our driver stopped for a break, than to flirt with a girl at a drink stand, to go to the toilet, lunch, to go to the toilet and more flirting while buying a drink. We were very relieved to get to the Thai border. After hanging around for an hour, we got on the best bus we have ever been on and headed for Bangkok. We can't complain too much as the 12 hour bus ride only cost us $11. (Flight would have been $180)

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