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fishermen on Kenai River, Soldotna, AK

Decisions, Decisions. . . the Moose Is Loose Bakery

Happy with his choices!

The 1st to go, the maple frosted dough boy!

RAIN, RAIN, RAIN - enough all ready!

I want to see the mountains . . .

enough already!

oh so pretty, if only I could see beyond the mist!



glad I am not one of these guys tho!!!

Come on - this isn't fair!

another train heading out of Anchorage

watch out for falling rocks

storm clouds are lifting a little bit

oh so pretty

nearing Anchorage

sorry, these are out of order again. This is shortly after we...

Maybe . . .


Fresh produce at the Anchorage Market - YIKES!

Anchorage Market - a fun place w/many vendors & music everywhere.

Reindeer, Moose, Elk, Bison - it's all here!

Grilled corn on the cob- only $4! Enjoyed every kernal! Note the...

The clouds look bad, but we didn't get wet!

Sunshine Plaza - Anchorage's answer to winter-time 22 hr. nights!

Totally made in Alaska!

Our campsite for the night - black pickup belongs to Michigan people!

Across the street from us, a row of campers - a row...

Another very rainy nite - oh how that rain came down! We were on the road ~8 A (AKT), first stop was just a little ways down the road at The Moose Is Loose Bakery - 2 visits in 1 week! The sweets are good, I try a little bite of Ron's - everything looks sooooo good & the wonderful baked goods smell hits you out in the street, just pulled us right in! I think Ron might move here just for the sweets!

Our drive to Anchorage was pretty uneventful, it rained most of the way - it makes me very sad to drive thru such a beautiful area when everything is shrouded in clouds & rain!!!

We arrived in Anchorage about 2 P (AKT) & got set up in Ship Creek RV Park. It is definately a place to stay for the location - it is very close to downtown - and the big airport, and I don't know how many railroad tracks - which are only about 40 feet away. At least we are not backed right up to the tracks, like some people are! The staff said they have been having trouble w/WiFi & TV reception, but everything seems to be working just fine.

After we got settled we called a young man who is stationed here w/the army. He attended Midland High School, Ron also knows him from bowling & thru his Dad who is also a bowler. He came over & we had a great visit - he just got back from Iraq in May, just returned on July 5 from a visit w/his folks in Midland. He has some horrific stories of his tour in Iraq, he recently signed up for a tour of duty in Afgan. - he will leave in March. He is a young, good looking man with a great smile - I felt that he has learned a lot since joining the army - he seems to have a really big heart & knows that when he returns after a year, he wants to go back home & join the police department. His parents should be very proud of their young man! Please keep Greg in your prayers!

Our next door neighbors are from Petosky, MI! It is such a small world. After Greg left to go "mudding" with friends, we drove a short distance to the downtown Market. We kinda found it by accident last visit, had it on our list of "to do's" this time. It is several rows of Alaska-made crafts & foods. A feast for the eyes & belly! I had a roasted ear of corn & a salmon taco. Ron had a german sausage - we did lots of walking & enjoyed our visit to downtown Anchorage. Hopefully tomorrow we can see more of the highlights of the area that we missed last time. The rain let up & it even warmed up - think its in the 60s - have been having lots of 40s, 50s & a few 60s for the last week! Had the heater on again this morning. Makes for good sleeping tho!

Still trying to find cyber-friend Judy - we seem to be in the same area, just not in the same place at the same time. It's a little frustrating to be so close & not make connection.

Tomorrow we are heading towards Valdez. . .

For the grandkids - when Alaska became a state they had a contest to design the state flag - the story of the winner is very interesting - can you find out who he was?

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