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Lilacs in full bloom



The Falls

Minnesota River



The Courthouse has a wonderful memorial for the Veterans in the yard

Our campground

Awesome sunset

We spent a good part of the morning inside doing laundry and trying to stay warm… Gee it is cold and suppose to get even colder tonight. The sun has come out but that is not a good thing with the cold front that came through… We are lucky because we didn’t get any snow in our area but I think we would prefer that to the wind we had. Anyway, I was able to get my sheets clean and changed as well as a few more loads of laundry… We have either been on the move or spending time with friends and relatives for quite some time now and I really got behind. I still am not all caught up because we are hooked up to 30 amp electric and if I use both the washer and dryer along with the fireplace and coffee pots we blow fuses… Ya we could change that since they do have 50 amp service here but the cord is so heavy and Bill just did not want drag it out in the cold and wind… Not a problem since our next stop will be for a longer time and he will hook up to the 50 amp… I still have a few loads to wash but they can wait..

We have driven thru the town of Granite Falls more times then I can remember but this is the first time we have visited the area… We knew that they had a casino here and had built a campground on the property but the last time we checked it out, it hadn’t opened for business yet… Well that was at least 3 yrs ago and the campground is now up and running and while it not very big right now, they have done an excellent job with building it … They have full cement pads that are pull thru and right now they are in the middle of planting shrubs and flowers along each site… We are quite impressed and as Willmar does not have a lot of places where our house will fit it is a good stopover on the way to Bill’s Mom… There is an awesome State Park just outside of Willmar but like so many State or Federal parks, they do not have a lot of sites for large RV’s… This is changing and we are so happy when we are in the States that cater to RV’ers.. Oregon comes to mind right off the top. They are known for their RV friendliness. Soon all states will realize what a ton of money is involved and be doing their dandiest to get our business.. The Casino’s across America already know this and are doing everything in the world to make it easy for us…. Many have free overnite parking in their secured lots and we have stayed at a few but our favorites are the ones that have actual campsites where we can hook up to water and electric and put our slides out… Most of them have low fees since they know they will make it up on the facilities and the casinos…. This one isn’t the cheapest… It is $24 a night which is not bad at all but by the time they add all the taxes which is Minnesota Sales Tax at about 7% they then add a Indian Reservation tax at another 3. Something lodging tax…. That adds more then 10% to the bill… Usually while we are on a reservation we take advantage of the no tax on gas but here we paid $3.13 a gallon for diesel so it wasn’t such a deal..

Well like I said earlier, we had only driven thru Granite Falls before and we are both so glad that we had time to visit the nice city on the Minnesota River… We started out trying to find a place for pizza… You know what it is like when you just crave something? Well that was us… We have not eaten pizza for a couple of months and it is time.. We used the GPS to find a pizza café but when we got there we found out that they didn’t serve pizza until 5:00 PM and they were having a pool tournament going on when we arrived… Talk about feeling like a bull in a China Shop… Well we did the next best thing and went to a local café for lunch… Sometimes this is the best place to eat anyway…. The food was good and the entertainment from the locals had us rolling on the floor but the service was very slow.

Next we checked out the town and were so pleasantly surprised to find out just how neat the town of Granite Falls really is… We drove all around the area and finally found a sign that took us to the business district…. Wow, they have put a lot of money and time into making this a place of pride for the residence of Granite Falls…

First we came to the falls, which is a dam at the head of an area that they have turned into a beautiful park… It goes along side of the downtown area and we were quite impressed… I would have taken pictures on the middle of the bridge if it hadn’t been so cold and windy and by now I was freezing so didn’t walk to the middle of the river.

The next stop was at the Center of town with the Court House, school and Church… We were so impressed that we had to stop and take pictures… When you look at all the blossoms that are blooming you will know that Bill and I are both sneezing almost all the time and back on our allergy pills big time… It is so beautiful that it is worth it…

We drove up the scenic highway and found a City Park and campground but like so many of the City and Municipal Parks they are taken up with locals that want to spend their hot weather on the water.. We would have had a hard time driving thru if we had our house on the back because of the trees that were overhanging which is why you do not find us staying in a lot of City or Municipal Parks unless we know that we can fit.

We returned to our campground and I spent a few hours and a few bucks at the casino. We had planned on having dinner their tonight. They served a $9.99 Prime Rib Dinner but… We just could not eat that much after our lunch so I gave Bill my leftover Walleye Pike from out lunch the day before, and he added his boasted chicken that he could not finish at lunch today and we saved at least $30.00... Of course we do not have any leftovers in the fridge anymore so we will have to replenish soon…. I have to tell you though that when we arrived yesterday we went to the casino and Bill had a pot roast sandwich and I had the walleye sandwich with their au-graten potatoes that were out of this world. Bill really loved the pot roast…. It was awesome with mashed potatoes and gravy as good as I make…. My Walleye was just as good but I just could not or would not finish it when I was so full…..This has to be the best casino food we have ever had in the regular restaurant….

We are back at our site where we are witnessing a beautiful sunset tonight… It is still very cold outside or we would be outside enjoying the fire pit… Instead, we are inside enjoying the fireplace…. Are we spoiled or what?

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