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Whenever we are away from home for more than a month, we have the mail sent to a forwarding service that collects it until we give them instructions where to send it. Their service is impeccable, but sometimes we have problems on the receiving end. Generally, we have it sent to any campground where we stay for a week since it's hard to guess how much time it will take to arrive. But state parks and county campgrounds where we will be staying for about ten days do not provide this service, so then we have it sent in a box General Delivery to the local post office.

According to the web, we had a choice of three post offices in Galveston, so we chose the post office less than two miles away from the state park. As soon as we got there, we knew it was a mistake - this post office was not exactly at the address listed on the web and was the size of our motor home. They had no space to store packages and the staff sent us to the main post office ten miles away. After waiting in line there, we were told that all general delivery goes to the post office in the historic down town. And wouldn't you know it, they didn't have it either!

Back at "home" we went online and printed a verification that the package had been delivered to the main post office so we drove there again today. They repeated that they don't accept general delivery, but we had the printed proof in our hands that the package had been delivered there. After much phoning around, the supervisor determined that our package had been delivered to a local real estate agent named Karen at the address we had found on the web for the post office near the campground. We have no idea why she accepted our package. Probably she didn't pay close attention to how it was addressed. We found this out at 4:30pm and madly drove the ten miles back to the spot where we started yesterday before her office closed. Apparently Karen noticed her error and took our box of mail back to the "hole in the wall" post office where we had tried to pick it up in the first place. And now it is finally in our hands.

What's the lesson here? Phone the post office before we order the mail to be sent and inquire exactly how the box should be addressed. This won't happen again!

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