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Our site at East Shore Community Park, San Dimas, CA

President Nixon's boyhood home

Rear of Nixon Library/Museum

Nixon's study in the White House

Statues of Golda Meir and Anwar Sadat, two of many in the...

Piece of the Berlin Wall which apparently was given to many of...

Marine 1

Architect's drawing of the complex

Picture of the drive-in church

Exterior, front of the Cathedral

The Crystal Cathedral

Prayer tower from inside the Cathedral

Sanctuary of the Cathedral

Organ pipes in rear balcony

Bell Tower on grounds

Memorial Garden at Crystal Cathedral

California Angels Stadium in Anaheim, CA

The beautiful San Bernardino Mountains

Crossing the San Bernardino Mountains

Large wind mill farm in Palm Springs, CA

Upon leaving Acton we drove to San Dimas, Ca. It is further south and east. We stayed at the East Shore County Park. The sites were set up in pods of 3 or 4 sites together. They were all paved and there was a lovely lake near our site that we could look out on. There was also a small airport nearby where we could watch the planes take off and land from the coach.

While in San Dimas we drove down to the Nixon Library. There was a lot more to it and it was nicer than we had expected. It seems that the more recent the Presidency the nicer the libraries/museums are...other than the Lincoln Library/Museum (which were built in the last 4 years). The Nixon Library/Museum is built on the site of his boyhood home. The home is still there, which you can go through as well. The grounds in the back of the Museum between the museum and the boyhood home are beautifully landscaped and their graves are in this area. Inside the museum it tells the story of Nixons life from childhood until death. There was a lifesize display of the world leaders at the time done in a metal that looked like pewter. There was a Chinese Pagoda depicting his dealings with China. There was a piece of the Berlin wall, a replica of his study in the White House and his study in New Jersey where he lived for a time after he left the White House. Outside at the edge of the parking lot is Marine 1, the helicopter he used when he was President. On nice days you can go through the helicopter but it was a rainy day when we were there so we weren't able to go in it.

The next day we drove down to the Crystal Cathedral. It was beautiful. In addition to the cathedral there were several other buildings on the site as well as a Memorial Park where members of the church can have their ashes interred. The organ in the cathedral is magnificent. It is just breathtaking to stand in the cathedral on a sunny day and looking out at the prayer tower reflecting through the glass. The old church building, where he used to go out on the balcony to preach to both the people inside and those in the parking lot is still standing as well. There is a bell tower, a building housing a book store, cafeteria and the story of Rev. Robert Schuler's ministry from when he was preaching at a drive-in theater through to the building of the crystal cathedral, also a large administrative building. The church is struggling both from the economic times and a split in the Schuler family. His son, who had taken over when he retired has left to start his own church and Rev. Schuler's daughter is now the Pastor of the Cathedral with her father assisting. It was an awe inspiring visit.

Tomorrow we are heading back to Arizona. We will have to cross the San Bernardino Mountains into the Palm Springs area.

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