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The wreck of the S.S. Effie - the round pieces in the...

Small air museum at Gander

We basically drove this whole day, from Gros Morne Park (we did check in on a visitor centre we had missed) over to Gander in the middle of the province. We did find one interest stop we had missed going up the park before - that was a little sign on the highway which said "S.S. Effie". Turned out to be the wreckage of an old coastal steamer which had run aground in a storm in 1919. All the people on board had been saved, and the wreckage left for the decades to take care of. We climbed down to the beach (stairs provided) and had fun guessing what all the old rusty bits of iron used to be.

At Gander we managed to find a hair salon which was open in the evenings, so we finally got rid of all our shagginess! After that we spent the night at you-know-where - WalMart!

In the morning we did get up and find the memorials where the US air force plane had crashed in the eighties killing so many armed forces people on their way back from the Middle East, and we also found the town's little airplane museum, then we hit the road again.

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