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Barracks downtown Fredericton

Boyce Farmers Market every Saturday

Fredericton City Hall

Historic Garrison

We decided rain or no rain we were going to do the downtown walking tour. You can starting July 1st take the walking tour as a group tour leaving from the Visitor Information center but being before July we got the map from the Info center and did it on our own. You walk about The Historic Garrison District, a National Historic Site, it is the city's premier heritage and festival centre. This beautiful riverside site recalls all the drama and glory of Fredericton's past as a garrison town.

The walk takes you by many historic buildings including museums, galleries and their downtown shopping district. There are lots of small restaurants along the way. The old barracks downtown is a craft fair with all local artists. Not many of them were open on Monday when we went too early most of them are only there on weekends until July 1st.

I think the one thing we have discovered about being back here is you really have to time your visit as to when the tourist season is here because otherwise you miss a lot of the local entertainment and festivals going on. We should be okay from here on in because we will be now travelling during the real tourist season.

Brian flew out Tuesday to have the procedure on his back done. His flight was three hours late getting out because of the weather. I heard from him this morning and Wendy picked him up at the airport and he had a good sleep last night at their place. He will fly home on the red eye tonight and will arrive back in Fredericton at 10 am Thursday morning. Friday morning we leave for Shippigan we are really looking foward to that. Today the weather has been really nice no rain and even some sunshine.

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