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Carcross, YT - Montana Service and RV Park - site 8 &...

Some of the scenery between Whitehorse and Carcross

There is still snow on these hills on July 31st!!!

Emerald Lake (also called Rainbow Lake) between Whitehorse and Carcross

The Carcross Desert which is the smallest desert in the world -...

Watson General Store in Carcross, YT - the oldest operating store in...

Caribou Crossing Museum

Caribou Crossing Restaurant

Caribou Crossing Museum 1 - Albino Red Squirrels

Caribou Crossing Museum 2 - Trumpeter Swan

Caribou Crossing Museum 3 - Elk

Caribou Crossing Museum 4 - Dall Sheep Ram - these are what...

Caribou Crossing Museum 5 - Mountain Goat

Caribou Crossing Museum 6 - a couple of brown bears

Caribou Crossing Museum 7 - another brown bear

Caribou Crossing Museum 8 - Mule Deer

Caribou Crossing Museum 9 - the largest bear on display in the...

Caribou Crossing Museum 10 - Wood Bison

Caribou Crossing Museum 11 - Wolf and Caribou

Caribou Crossing Museum 12 - Stone Sheep, relatives of the Dall Sheep

Caribou Crossing Museum 13 - Bull Moose - Doris said this one...

Caribou Crossing Museum 14 - Wooly Mammoth, weighing in at 15,000 pounds...

Caribou Crossing Museum 15 - Black Bear and cub

Caribou Crossing Museum 16 - Caribou

Caribou Crossing Museum 17 - prehistoric Berengia Lions take on a Steppe...

Caribou Crossing Museum 18 - details on previous picture

Caribou Crossing Museum 19 - Lynx

Caribou Crossing Museum 20 - another shot of the Wooly Mammoth next...

Caribou Crossing Museum 21 - Musk Ox family

Caribou Crossing Museum 22 - and still another brown bear

Caribou Crossing Museum 23 - Snowshoe hare - this is just like...

Our trip from Haines Junction to Carcross was pretty easy and fast. With the exception of a short stretch the highway was in good shape and there was only one delay of about 15 minutes for construction. As we went through Whitehorse we had cell coverage for about 10 minutes but then lost it and still don't have it in Carcross. Hopefully we will have it in Skagway when we drive down there tomorrow so we can get in touch with the girls again. That 10 minutes in Whitehorse was the only time we have had coverage since leaving North Pole, AK.

We are staying at the Montana Service and RV Park which is a combination gas station, convenience store, restaurant, and RV Park. We do have full hookups with 30 amps though the spaces are nothng more than spots in a gravel parking lot - very Alaskaesque!! Becoming more important with the loss of cell service, they have WiFI. After arriving we went back up the road a couple of miles to the Caribou Crossing complex. They have a wildlife museum which has some very nice specimens of the Yukon wildlife both current and prehistoric. The complex also gives ATV rides through the Carcross Desert; dog teams to demonstrate the dog sled activities; and panning for gold. We didn't do anything but the museum since we had already panned for gold, seen real dog sled teams and had already taken pictures of the desert!

Since it was Doris' birthday today I took her out to the best restaurant in Carcross. It happens to be the only one - the one here at Montana Services. She had one of her favorites - liver & onions (except they forgot the onions!) but she said it was really good anyway. I think it has just been so long since she's had it that she forgot what it is supposed to taste like! She also wondered if it was beef liver or moose or buffalo. We did see a dead moose alonside the road on the way here today - but she didn't ask - better to not know. I had a BLT and it was good!

Tomorrow we make a side trip to Skagway, AK. It will be our last day in Alaska....this year!

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