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Stop sign in Paradise

Storm brewing

Highborne Marina

Beach at sunset

A toast!

The New Year fireworks at Atlantis were spectacular and this aging couple awoke 15 minutes before the start and were back to bed 15 minutes after they ended. From our seats on the flybridge, we could see and hear everything. The big boats in the area took the opportunity to blast away on their sonorous horns and all seemed to be competing for the loudest. Bill, Melissa and Amelia had ringside seats back at the condo and the horns were apparently more disturbing to the little one than the fireworks overhead. A fitting end to the memorable week and the beginning of a bright new year.

Early (0500) on New Years Day we decided to take in the second lap of the Junkanoo Parade just across the bridge. This is the bigger of the two celebrations; the Calhouns had taken in the one on Boxing Day. Each begins around midnight and loops twice around Bay and Shirley Streets on the Nassau waterfront. We arrived for the start of the second loop and the dancers were still going strong. They continue until about noon. A huge, but orderly crowd cheered on their favorites and gyrated to the band music. Our choice was the Saxon troupe and we learned later that they won the contest for the best presentation. We lasted until mid morning and hailed a cab for the return to Atlantis.

Amelia insisted on one last dip in the shallow pool in back of the condo before they headed off to the airport. She has certainly been the “energizer bunny” during the stay; too busy for a nap. After sending off the younger Wrights to the airport, Bill settled in for some football and Jean began packing up the condo. We had really cut costs a lot on food by loading the boat with lots of frozen meals and carting them over to the condo. The fresh produce from Andros was a great find and went quickly. We didn’t save much however, on the morning trips to Starbucks that had become a routine. And their inflated prices proved to be no deterrent.

On Friday, 2 January, we checked out of both the condo and the Hurricane Hole Marina before 1000 and were underway out the northwest channel entrance. The day was a little blustery so we decided to make it a short one. Our anchorage in West Bay on the western tip of New Providence was a good one. Settled close in by noon in shallow clear water over sand we were soon surrounded by wave-riders and skiers. This bay is near the exclusive Lyford Cay community and was ringed with beautiful homes. The next morning our original course was for Warderick Wells and the Bahama National Park. At just over 60 Nm, the course was right in the trough. This caused an adjustment to Highbourne Cay where we had previously stayed. The marina was reached about 1400 and we quickly discovered the free internet and costly water; taking on lots of the former and none of the latter.

Highborne was a perfect place to spend the weekend. A well run marina and store supplimented by a big book exchange and beautiful sunsets. The little beach in front of the office looks out to the west and has comfortable deck chairs from which any sunset is improved. On the east side of this private island is a long curved beach and Sunday we made the trip to it's northern head just before noon. At this point the surrounding clouds became darker and we had the return trip in a light rain. Shorts and tee shirts are a good thing for this climate and with the price of water, we are going to start carrying a bar of soap. The marina's showers work on a timer for $4.00 and you don't want to get caught soaped up when the time runs out. Monday we were off to Warderick Wells and the Exuma Park.

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