Grandpa & Piper in our RV..

Piper checking out a new toy we bought her...:-)

Piper with Grandpa...

Grandpa, Maddie and Piper..

The awesome pontoon boat Jerry rented for us..


Maddie & Piper...

My favorite pic of Piper and me....:-)

Love this one too...

Another favorite of the day...:-)

What a beautiful family..


Beautiful scenery ...

We found an awesome floating dock...

Jared went for a swim...


What a great place to swim..


Four generations of Quincy's fishing...:-)


Not having any luck..

Moved to a new fishing dock...


What a beautiful place to fish..

You could see the bottom the water was so clear...


Back in the RV..




Last one!

We had a wonderful time with family this week. Our son rented A nice home right down the road from our campground. It was a two-bedroom cabin with plenty of room for everyone. He came with Jared and Madison and our precious granddaughter Piper. She has really grown since we saw her a few months ago. She is absolutely one of the sweetest babies, she hardly ever cries and smiles at you every time you look at her.

We cooked a large ham and had a feast with everyone on the first day. The next day we all drove to Alpine where our son rented us a nice pontoon boat. We all had a blast on the water for five hours. We went a total of fifteen miles on the water. Jared and Jerry were brave enough to go swimming in the deep water. :-)

The next day was a fishing trip, fishing results were zero but the beauty of the fishing area was fabulous. We all had a wonderful time together.

This will be our last update from the area, we will be making a few stops in Montana before spending a month in Canada. Check back later for more adventures in Montana and Canada.

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