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Hitchhiker's guide to San Pedro

Snorkelling with Rays

Our snorkelling trip was a huge success. We were led from the boat at the first place we stopped and he found grouper, turtles, barracuda and other delights for us to see. At the second stop there were sharks (not great white!) and ray which we were able to touch and marvel at the difference between the soft underneath and the rough upperside. I watched the helper throw fish for the frigate birds to catch and eat on the wing.

A ride round town in a rented golf cart only took two hours! Otherwise we have caught up on admin and enjoyed the pool. Then back to Belize City for the night before setting off for Mexico early in the morning.

Belize is a curious mixture of British influence – the Queen’s portrait is on the banknotes – American influence – we are only 2 hours from Miami – and Spanish and Caribbean elements.

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