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Our Zion Canyon campsite, good views too

On the Observation Point Trail

View down the Canyon from Observation Point

Erica looking up canyon from Observation Point

Going down the Trail

Observation Point in the very top right corner

Zion Canyon from Observation Point trailhead

Emerald Pool trail

View down canyon from Zion Lodge

View up canyon from Zion Lodge

Wading in the beginning of the Zion Narrows

Erica at beginning of 'Wall Street'

Me in Wall Street

Leaving the Narrows

Trailhead for the Narrows

Erica overlooking part of the Canyon

East Zion

More East Zion

Some twat woke me up having a cellphone conversation outside my room about 1 a.m. (presumably so he wouldn't wake his partner up !*£!) so I didn't get a lot of sleep. So after breakfast we drove back into the Park to pitch the tent there for our last night camping. What can I say?

First we took the bus up the Canyon to Weeping Rock to do the Observation Point Trail, 8 miles and over 2,000 feet gain, and as it turned out, about half a mile of exposed cliff-edge path with thousands of feet of drop. Still, it was a great trail, nice in its own right, and great views, particularly from Observation Point itself into Zion Canyon. We knew there was a risk of rain, and it did, though the promised thunderstorm was both short-lived and after we had left the top (thankfully). We dropped into Zion Lodge for a big hot chocolate, and then did another short walk to end the afternoon. later, back at camp, we had what I hope is our last camp-cooked meal, and then went off into Springdale to book a motel for tomorrow night, and to see if Erica is willing to hike the Narrows, apparently the main event round here, especially if you like wading up flooded slot canyons in water up to your bits.

Big Mormon country round here, though other than the Mormon bible in Motel Rooms you would not know, though Erica assumes every clean cut young man we see must be one, especially if they have a beard.


So up early, pack up camp and catch the bus up canyon to where the Narrows are, as we are off canyoneering, a new thing for both of us (though we both spent childhoods walking up rivers, albeit not in canyons). We have a big stick each for leverage and balance in rougher water and rocky bits, and neoprene socks and special boots that grip wet rock really well, and luckily they do as it turns out. So we get a bus to the trailhead, all good dramatic and attractive scenery, walk for a mile or so, and then into the river we go, and for a few miles we walk through increasingly narrow and high canyon walls, mostly in the river, mostly below thigh height thankfully. Not too cold, and a lot of fun.

And then back to the car, change, and we drove around the East side of the Canyon and did a short walk there. All very beautiful and dramatic in places. And then to a motel, though not as nice as anticipated. Tomorrow, Las Vegas!

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